Latest News Secondhand Clearance For Charity Raises Over $11,000

Sonos Secondhand Clearance for charity raises over $11,000 and counting…

Back in March we commenced our ‘Sonos Second Hand Clearance for Charity’ drive where we committed to resell our trade-back Sonos products and give the proceeds to charity, in this case the Wayside Chapel in Potts Point.

At the time we hoped that we would raise somewhere between $2 and $3K. Three months later the promotion is still ongoing, and we are proud to say that to date we have donated in excess of $11K to Wayside. This money has gone to a very worth cause, particularly during todays troubled times, and it has been greatly appreciated.

We would like to thank everyone who has participated, even if unknowingly, and also Sonos for relaxing their previous intention of disabling these units.

A fabulous result all round!

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