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Upgrade Your Sound with Linn’s Summer Special at Len Wallis Audio

This summer, Len Wallis Audio is thrilled to bring you an exclusive promotion from Linn, designed to enhance your listening experience with their iconic Sondek LP12 turntable. Known for its modular and upgradeable design, the Sondek LP12 allows for continuous enhancement to meet your evolving audio desires and budget.

During the months of June, July, and August, take advantage of a special offer that doubles your upgrade potential: purchase any Sondek LP12 component and receive a tasty 30% discount on a second upgrade of your choice. This limited-time promotion includes all Sondek LP12 components, such as the Radikal & Urika bundles, and is also compatible with ongoing Lingo/Radikal and cartridge trade-ins.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your turntable’s performance and enjoy a significant leap in musical quality. The promotion runs until the 31st of August 2024, after which both this offer and the Lingo/Radikal trade-in scheme will conclude.

To explore the full range of Linn Sondek LP12 upgrades and determine the best options for your turntable, visit our dedicated Linn Product page on the Len Wallis Audio website. For a personalised consultation and to make the most of this exciting offer, please contact us or drop into our store. Let us help you achieve the ultimate sound experience this summer with Linn at Len Wallis Audio.


Founded in 1973, Linn has been revolutionizing home audio for nearly five decades, dedicating itself to the craft of producing systems that not only sound exceptional but also deeply move the listener. Their journey began with the iconic Sondek LP12 turntable, setting a benchmark in audio performance and establishing Linn as a leader in the industry. Throughout the years, their commitment to innovation has been recognized with numerous awards, highlighting a continuous pursuit of sound perfection.

Linn believe that technology should enhance your experience with music, not complicate it. Every design decision we make is driven by a singular question: does this make the music feel closer? This philosophy has guided Linn to develop products that are not only groundbreaking but also enduring. Unlike the trend of planned obsolescence, Linn champions lasting quality. Systems are designed to be modular and upgradeable. This ensures that your Linn product not only meets the highest standards of today but also adapts to the advancements of tomorrow, enhancing your enjoyment as technology progresses.

Discover the Linn difference at Len Wallis Audio and experience how  timeless designs bring you closer to the music you love.

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