Ruark Audio

Originating from the scenic South East Coast of England, Ruark Audio is the culmination of a family legacy deeply rooted in British audio history. Founded in 1985 by Alan O’Rourke alongside his father – both pioneers in the British audio landscape during the 60s and 70s – Ruark Acoustics initially crafted high-fidelity loudspeaker systems for discerning audio aficionados. But the journey didn’t stop there. Since 2006, the Ruark Audio brand has channelled its rich heritage and expertise into crafting radios and music systems that not only captivate the ears but also elevate any space with their impeccable design.

Over the years, Ruark models have set benchmarks, receiving commendations and accolades that signify excellence. One such notable mention was from the Sunday Telegraph, which hailed our premier R1 model as ‘the Aston Martin of DAB radios’.

Whether your pursuit is aesthetic brilliance or auditory perfection, we believe Ruark Audio stands poised to exceed your expectations.

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