Serhan Swift

“Award-winning loudspeakers designed in Australia.”

– Serhan Swift Design Team.

Serhan Swift, draws on the design experience of noted Australian designer Brad Serhan, who has been designing legendary ‘award winning’ loudspeakers for over 30 years. And the immensely wise design skills sets of Brad’s business partner electronic engineer Morris Swift.

“We then sit and listen, not saying a word. It’s as though we dare not speak as we might put the band off as they appear to be in the room with us. The speakers have managed to do that magic trick of disappearing from the room leaving only an unconstrained musical performance.
’The Serhan Swift mu2 Loudspeaker’

— Jay Garrett, Stereonet UK

Brad Serhan

Chief Loudspeaker Designer

Brad’s career spans over 34 years. Brad founded Orpheus Loudspeakers 1984 and under the Orpheus name, Brad designed ‘award winning’ loudspeakers for the local audiophile market. Brad’s speakers have been used by ABC Radio, Channel 10, Channel 7 Sydney, Benchmark Mastering, Studios 301. He then went ‘rogue’ and designed for fellow Australian loudspeaker manufacturers.

Prior to Serhan Swift, Brad consulted under the name Brigadiers Audio Group, later shortened to Brigadiers Audio. However, that company is no longer active.

Brad recently received the Sound & Image 2017 ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.

Morris Swift

Engineering Director & CFO

Morris Swift graduated from the University of NSW (Sydney) in 1976 with a B.E. (Hons 1) degree in electrical engineering – specialising in electronics and embedded systems. After his degree Morris undertook postgraduate studies in Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing, and was employed designing integrated circuits (micro-electronics) such as those used in pacemakers and bionic ear.

Morris’ audio “hobby” over many years involved designing and building a wide variety of amplifiers, speakers and audio processors for both home and musician/professional use. His key interest is in active loudspeakers and DSP for both linear and non-linear speaker and room correction, driving the development of the OneAudio Music Systems (Australia) DSP/active music system, exhibited at CES in 2016. In fact, this was his and Brad’s first collaboration, and also led to the (passive) mu2. (OMS is the pre-cursor to Serhan Swift – see, not to be confused with a Chinese company using the “OneAudio” name, despite our trademarks.)

Professionally, Morris has many years of experience in research, design and manufacturing, ranging from mission-critical communications to medical, as well as consulting, project and business management.

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