Latest News Unraveling the Wireless Audio Enigma

This industry is an enigma to many people. While theoretically it revolves around getting the best out of recorded music and video it is constantly peppered with buzz words.

While they are front of mind for many, most do not understand the meaning or ramifications of these latest ‘technologies’.  

I still recall the days of Quadraphonic, the forerunner to surround sound (but for music only) during the early 70’s. Despite the ‘must have’ technology of the day it soon faded into obscurity. Most recall the much more recent 3D TV phenomena – which suffered a similar fate. DCC, DAT, DVD-A, DIVX etc., the list is very long. 

The current must-have is wireless – every 2nd person who walks through our doors wants wireless! But how many understand the technology, its advantages, its downside. or more importantly, how many have actually investigated whether it is the right technology for them.  

Wireless technology has a lot going for it. It has revolutionized (in a very positive way) multi-room audio. But it is not the solution for every situation. For example, we regularly come across customers who request home theatre systems utilising wireless speakers. I am sure that there are situations where this makes sense, but these situations are rare. A wireless speaker requires two things – power, and good internet. A passive speaker requires speaker cable, and in the great majority of situations it is earlier to run speaker cable to the speaker location than it is 240V power. A passive speaker is never going to suffer from poor internet coverage – and most importantly the performance of many wireless speakers does not compare to a good passive speaker. Plus – wireless can be the more expensive option.  

We have no beef with wireless technology – in fact we embrace it on a regular basis and believe that it will continue to gain relevance in the future. At the same time, we believe that the technology should be used in situations that are appropriate – not specified for every situation simply because it is the buzzword of the day.  

In navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the audio and video industry, it becomes imperative to approach emerging technologies with a blend of curiosity and skepticism. The allure of ‘must-have’ innovations like wireless technology, while transformative in many respects, should not overshadow the practical and sometimes superior applications of traditional methods.

As we’ve seen with the rise and fall of various technologies over the decades, the true measure of a technology’s value lies not in its buzzword status but in its ability to meet the nuanced needs of users in real-world scenarios. As enthusiasts and consumers, let us not be swayed solely by the tides of innovation but also anchor our decisions in the practicalities of our unique situations.

By marrying the reliability of tried-and-true methods with the convenience and innovation of modern technology, we can craft audio and video experiences that are not only cutting-edge but also deeply satisfying and enduring.

Let us remain open to all possibilities, blending the old with the new in a symphony of technological harmony that respects our past while embracing our future.

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