Hana Cartridges

HANA Cartridges: The Epitome of Brilliant & Gorgeous Sound
In Japanese, HANA translates to “華” – a character synonymous with brilliance and beauty. Hana’s moving coil cartridges deliver this essence, offering audiophiles and music enthusiasts a luminous analog experience.

Half a Century of Mastery in Cartridge Design
Hailing from the stables of Excel Sound Corporation, the HANA cartridges are a harmonious blend of five decades of design innovation and state-of-the-art industrial technology. Excel’s vision is brought to life using premium materials and time-honored manual assembly methods, all to capture the purest musical resonance.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality
Constructed with intricate components, each HANA phono cartridge is a result of diligent hand assembly by seasoned craftsmen and rigorous testing at their Japanese facility.

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