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Isn’t it time you enjoyed real high-end, audio-visual entertainment from the comfort of your own home?

Lights. Camera. Action!

Thanks to rapidly evolving Smart technology, alongside advancements with 4K projection, sound processing capabilities, acoustic improvements, seating and aesthetics means that the Home Theatre experience can be crafted so that it is even better than the traditional movie theatre experience!

As Home Theatre experts serving the greater metropolitan area of Sydney Australia, we’ve been involved in the bespoke design, installation and tuning of Home Theatres for more than 30 years and are ready to help you realise your Home Theatre ambitions.

From incredible all-enveloping sounds-scapes, the latest in laser projection, seating, acoustics, lighting and media management, we have the expertise and advanced technical knowledge to bring an immersive professional cinema experience to your home.

Home Theatre Specialists, Sydney Australia

Bespoke Home Theatres

A bespoke Home Theatre system will bring both the cinematic visuals and the dramatic sounds of the movie theatre into your very own living room, or dedicated theatre room. Unconfined by the dimensions of a television, your Home Theatre system will typically rely upon a dedicated cinema screen and a projector, in the same manner as it would at a commercial cinema.

Home Theatre Specialists, Sydney Australia

Bringing the Big Screen to Your Home

Because we specialise in custom installations, means you are not bound by the size restrictions of your living space and – whatever the shape and size of the room you envisage your Home theatre in, we can tailor a system from the wide selection of products available. We’re on hand to help you select, source and install the best product for your dedicated Home Theare space, so that all you have to do is switch it on, watch, listen and enjoy.


Reimagining sound & vision with bespoke home theatres designed & installed by Len Wallis Audio.

Would you love a Home Cinema, but are not sure where to start?

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