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Combining a Sony 65” screen with a Savant IP soundbar in a pleasing installation outcome…

The image (s) featured are part of an installation we are currently finalising. Whilst we were completing it, it brought home to us the fact that there is much more to what we do than simply supplying and installing the equipment. To the contrary, part of the magic of the Len Wallis Audio experience is taking the time to work closely with clients and being flexible in our approach. We are driven by developing inspired solutions that complement and enhance living spaces.

For this installation it was clear much thought was given to the décor within the home. Our challenge was to ensure this was complemented by the Audio-Visual solutions that were providing. In this instance we combined a Sony 65” screen with a Savant IP soundbar, which was augmented with a discrete 10” in-ceiling subwoofer. The beauty of this pairing is that Savant were able to manufacture a bespoke grill for the soundbar to match the screen we specified. The result is a soundbar that looks like part of the TV greatly enhancing the integration of the two components into the homes broader design aesthetic.

As the look of screens has become progressively slimmer and minimalist by design, it has also become increasingly difficult to incorporate capable speakers and, as a result, the audio from modern screens has become increasingly compromised. To overcome this, the solution is to add a soundbar, which in most cases becomes obtrusive.

Therefore, to ensure great audio capability whilst balancing the need for the installation to remain pleasing to the eye, something special was required. We think we have achieved this and exceeded our client’s expectations.

One of the advantages of working with wide array of companies gives us access to multiple solutions to cater to client requirements. This can apply to wide range of products such as TV lifters, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers (including subwoofers), equipment racks, acoustics and even the hardware itself.

If you are looking for design solutions distinct from a cookie cutter approach; we are able to access a wide range of suppliers AND have decades of installation experience. This draws upon a vast catalog of situations where we have had to improvise, adapt and overcome. This is all part of the Len Wallis Audio advantage of being able to design, deliver, install, and support no matter what the size or scope of the project.

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