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We have a veritable Aladdin’s cave of Second Hand HiFi goods at Len Wallis Audio. It is the section of our business that often offers the greatest diversity of product, and for many customers, the greatest interest. There is always opportunity to pick up some quality ‘pre-loved’ Hi-Fi and AV gear at seriously discounted prices.

Second hand goods purchased from Len Wallis Audio carry a standard three (3) month standard warranty.

All of our second hand goods are tested to ensure, as far as is practically possible that they are:

  • Safe and free from defects;
  • Acceptable in appearance and finish, and
  • Adequately perform the job that the user would expect from the product.

If any second-hand item does prove to be faulty it is at the discretion of LWA whether we repair or refund.

Technology changes. Your needs change. So if you’re considering changing your existing system – or at least part of it – trade it against your new purchase.

It’s a both a great way to divest yourself of components that would otherwise be stored away in a cupboard, or end up in the council pick-up – plus it reduces the financial outlay required to make the change.

What we don’t trade-in!

  • TV’s
  • VCR’s
  • PVR’s
  • Midi-Systems
  • Pre-HDMI era A/V receivers.
  • In-ceiling and In-wall speakers.

Please note that we do not purchase Second-hand goods outright. 

A notice to prospective secondhand buyers.

Please be aware that Second hand products are often high turnover items so product items listed may not reflect transactions that have recently occurred in real time. We recommend that you use the Second-hand section as a guide and if you find something of interest that you CONTACT US HERE to get the most update status on that product (s).

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