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French speaker company Triangle aims to create a desire with in to make you feel the music intensively, as if you were at the heart of the concert. This calls for a dynamic and living sound which conveys all the finesse and beauty of any musical composition. direction, both in acoustic and cosmetic terms, is the result of the company’s 40-year long history. A product philosophy is directly inherited from their founder – Mr De Vergnette. He was a designer and music lover. These two passions led him to develop his own speakers, in line with his personal sound and design philosophy.

So was created the essence of TRIANGLE’s sound signature.


Since the very beginning, has made technological research and innovation its principal priorities, with the aim of offering music-lovers a natural sound of the highest quality.


An enthusiastic team of engineers and technicians, constantly seeking to improve and innovate, are part of what makes TRIANGLE loudspeakers unique. Each component is designed, engineered and developed, according to technical innovations and solutions, that are exclusive.


TRIANGLE continously invests in the latest technology to innovate and improve its acoustic expertise. A Klippel system is used to conceive and simulate the loudspeakers. Modern prototyping tools, 3D printers, the latest CAD software, as well as MLSSA and CLIO measuring systems, enable the company to put theory into practice.