Latest News Sonos Secondhand Clearance for Charity

There has been a lot of press and social comment in recent times over the Sonos Trade-up incentive.

The initial intention was that the older traded back models were to be scrapped. Thankfully this has now been reversed, meaning that these products still have a life, albeit with some limitations.

Len Wallis Audio has accumulated a considerable number of these older models, and we are now offering these for sale, with the following caveats:

  • The product will no longer receive software updates, and there are implications for this. Some older Sonos products have been stretched to the limits of their memory and processing power and are now classified as legacy products. While starting later this year these legacy products will no longer receive software updates and new features they will continue to operate as normal on the current software platform.
  • Len Wallis Audio will provide you with a refund for the unit within TWO WEEKS if you find the product is not compatible with your existing system, or unsuitable for your needs.
  • Len Wallis Audio will provide a refund for the unit up to THREE MONTHS from the date of purchase if a software update results in the unit being no longer fit for purpose.
  • Each piece will come with a 90-day warranty.
  • Most importantly: 80% of the sale of each piece sold will go to charity – in this case The Wayside Chapel in Potts Point @, a charity which, in our opinion, does exceptional work in supporting those less fortunate to us.
  • The remaining 20% will cover our expenses.

The prices of the pieces are:

  • Play:5                   $300
  • ZP80 or 90           $150
  • Connect               $200
  • ZP100 or 120      $250

These can be purchased in store or to purchase on-line click here

Please note that we will also offer free freight for all on-line sales.

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