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Smarter homes are becoming more reliant on connected technology & WiFi

Why Do I Need a Home Network?

We are here to design a bespoke home network solution which will unleash internet experiences across your home.

A reliable home network is the most fundamental part of any modern smart home; it is the foundation that allows viewing and listening experiences offered by home cinema and home audio systems to be consumed in comfort with no danger of data buffering. Similarly, all the lighting, security, heating controls etc. used in a modern smart home are reliant on your home network – including the ability to remotely access and monitor these services.

The importance of a stable, well-designed network is so great that with many of our designs we start with the network. The network is sometimes referred to as the Digital Foundation of your home. If we are confident that this foundation is stable, we can then confidently build our other distribution and automation systems around it.

Demands on the Home Network

We have become incredibly reliant on our smartphones for most of our online activities. Everything from checking emails and social media to managing our finances or video conferencing with friends and family. These are all things we now do on a daily basis. Also over the last ten years, we have seen a sharp rise in the interest of “Video On Demand” services such as Netflix, Disney+, ABC’s iView, Stan, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Youtube – it’s an ever expanding list, isn’t it?

All of these activities or tasks have different requirements from the Internet. Our home networking service enables you to design the necessary provisions for your home to ensure that it flows freely without disruption throughout your home, no matter the size, levels or user requirements.

Buffering & Bandwidth on Your Home Network?

As we install more and more devices to our home network, especially a solely wireless home network, it is common for the internet data transfer to run slower on certain devices and even sometimes lose the connection, especially if multiple devices are trying to do similar things at the same time. For example, one person could be streaming a 4K UHD film on a 65” TV in one room, whilst another person could be playing an online computer game via a console in another room, as well as a third person browsing the internet on a notebook computer in another area of the home.

Not all devices in our home require the same amount of data transfer from the home network to the Internet. The data consumed by streaming film and online computer games will be significantly higher than the data consumption of your laptop or a smart thermostat. If the data transfer isn’t quick enough, then it is likely that the content will begin to “buffer” whilst it catches up. This can be annoying if you are trying to immerse yourself in watching a film or playing a game online whereby a moment’s pause can be the difference between win or lose.


Poor WiFi Coverage

One of the most common issues potential new clients raise with us is WiFi coverage in their homes. We firmly believe that every part of your home and even your garden should be able to receive excellent wireless signal. Internet service providers commonly supply a single wireless router and mesh network boosters when you sign up and offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. In our experience, this approach has it’s limitations when dealing with a dwelling consisting of multiple floors and rooms spread either vertically or horizontally. It’s common in these scenarios that some rooms still become “black spots” and are consistently without an internet connection.

Structured Ethernet Data Cabling

The most comprehensive solution for all of these problems is to install a structured home network through the use of ethernet data cabling and enterprise-grade level networking equipment. Most high-end new build residential properties will have this as standard and it’s a consideration that should be made by anyone planning on renovating their home in the 21st century. By installing ethernet cabling, we are removing the physical barriers (concrete walls and floors, steel joists and foil backed plasterboard) and repellents of wireless data transmission and giving this data a ‘hardwired’ route back to the internet.

For the homeowner, this will mean that large UHD televisions that stream films and boxsets from online platforms, won’t see any latency or buffering if they are hardwired back to the network hub. Similarly, ‘wireless access points’ can be hardwired to multiple locations across the property, thus ensuring that every part of the home has the same signal strength as the incoming service to the router.

Internet Security

In recent years, internet security has come to the forefront of people’s minds due to various large organisations that have been hacked and their information being compromised. Home network security is very important to us and you can rest assured that we only install equipment that offers maximum security. The various threats to your home network are exposure to malware (infecting your computer with a virus,) spyware (installing software to monitor your keyboard strokes and internet browsing,) and more recently ransomware (encrypting your documents and requesting a ransom to be paid for their release.) We are here to offer the best technological solutions and good home network security practices to ensure these don’t happen to you.


Home Network Installation

We are certified by CEDIA, the global trade association for the custom install market, giving you the peace of mind that every aspect of your project is designed, installed and maintained to the highest standards within the home technology industry. If you want to simplify your life at home through the integration of cutting edge technology, then we will work with you to design and install the best home network solution for you.

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