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Some great news for Marantz enthusiasts and those that should be!

In February 2017, US company Sound United purchased Marantz, along with several other brands. In October 2020, they added to their impressive portfolio by purchasing Bowers & Wilkins. This year Sound United has entered the Australian market by opening their own distribution arm and assumed direct distribution for all of the brands in their stable.

The good news for Marantz enthusiasts is that the removal of the middle-man has allowed for some price reductions, and in some cases, these are significant. Most of these are A/V related, which is a good thing. We have long maintained that Marantz is one of the few A/V companies that still pay attention to the audio performance of their offerings. Every A/V manufacturer does an acceptable job of video processing and distribution, but if you also like to use your system for playing music, most come up wanting.

These price reductions are effective immediately:

AV7706: $3,999 RRP (Down from $4,950))
MM8077: $3,999 RRP (Down from $4,750)
SR8015: $5,990 RRP (Down from $7,050)
SR7015: $3,999 RRP (Down from $5,190)
SR6015: $2,999 RRP (Down from $3,050)
SR5015: $1,999 RRP (Down from $2,050)

PM8006: $2,799 RRP (Down from $3,150)
PM7000N: $1,999 RRP (Down from $2690)

NA6006: $1,299 RRP (Down from $1,450)

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