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Get a Free Formation Audio Streamer with every pair of Formation Duo’s sold

The multi-room wireless streaming market is becoming more crowded by the day with every existing manufacturer, along with a few start-ups, trying to muscle in. In most cases the strategy to take market-share is the same – produce the least expensive offering available, even if it means performance becomes a secondary consideration.

There have been some exceptions to this rule, with NADs BlueSound being the most obvious. BlueSound may be a little more expensive than most the alternatives, but it also offers better performance.

It was no surprise that when B&W (belatedly) entered the market last year that they decided to raise the bar yet again with their Foundation range. There would only be a small number of companies – such as Meridian – who could say that they have a higher performance offering than Foundation.

The premium product in the Foundation stable is the Duo, a pair of active bookshelf wireless speakers loosely based on B&W’s excellent 700 series of passive speakers. In a market where the race has been to the bottom with scant attention given to performance the Formation Duo has been a welcome release. Priced at $6,400 a pair these speakers are designed for the client who wants the convenience of wireless network streaming, and who is willing to pay for performance and quality.

B&W have just announced a promotion where they will provide a free Formation Audio with every pair of Duo’s purchased – valued at $1,149.

The Foundation Audio is a streamer. Connect it to your existing (non-steaming capable) system and to the internet and it becomes another input allowing you to stream 96k/24bit high resolution through your system.  You can also connect analogue sources, e.g. CD player, to the Audio and wirelessly stream this to the Duo speakers.

Plus: To get the best out of your streaming music you need a good music management system, and without doubt the best music management system on the market is ROON. This is a subscription-based program costing $170/annum. When you purchase a pair of Duo’s you will not only receive the Audio above, but a pre-paid 1-year subscription to ROON.

This offer is valid through till the end of September.

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