Latest News NAD’s M10 Streaming Amplifier is one smart little box

As much as we may be drawn to the biggest pair of speakers in the showroom, or the largest, shiniest piece of electronics we, as an industry, recognise that things are changing. This certainly rings true for NAD’s M10 Streaming Amplifier.

While there is (thankfully) still plenty of life in the likes of Sonus Faber Reference series speakers and Krell Electronics there is also a marked move towards high-performance yet discrete systems.

This is driven by an ever-increasing awareness of interior design, current streaming services reducing the number of necessary components and most importantly by the increasing abilities of companies to squeeze exceptional performance out of smaller sized components. Brands like NAIM Audio, Auralic, Devialet and Chord have been producing well made, high performance electronics with small footprints for some years now. Speaker companies have been going down the same path with companies like Serhan & Swift and Bowers & Wilkins getting exceptional performance out of small boxes.

One of the best examples of this is the NAD M10 streaming amplifier which you can find on our site here. This is a very compact piece of kit measuring 210mm wide, 100mm high and 260mm deep. It is rated at 100watts/channel, and before we get into what this product can do we need to establish that it is a very fine performer. It may not compete with the likes of Krell – but it will stand up to anything in its price category – and you can’t ask for much more than that.

As you would have gathered this is a streaming amplifier capable of handling Hi-Res files. It has Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay2 and is controlled by BluOs through one of the best apps in the game – or by the touch screen on front. It has an ARC enabled HDMI input to connect your TV (way better than a soundbar), and the BluOs system will allow you to add speakers throughout the house creating a wireless whole-of-home entertainment system.

What the product can do is a very long list, and I would suggest that you explore the NAD M10 streaming amplifier. It obviously does it well though, to date the M10 awards includes:

….and counting.

The M10 retails for $4,495, which given its qualities, represents good value.

Until the end of August we are offering the M10 for $4,049, plus the distributors have kicked in with a $250 redeemable cash-back offer.

Combine this unit with a quality pair of bookshelf speakers and you have a versatile yet compact quality system – at a realistic price.

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