Latest News Higher prices coming for most Audio Visual components

As the Australian Dollar continues to lose value against the USD…

We have just received notification of price rise for NAD electronics, effective April 1st, varying between 5 and 15%, and B&O, effective March 1st.

We have already experienced rises from Naim and Focal this month, some of them significant. Unfortunately, we believe that these will not be the last. The Australian $ has been trading below the US80c mark for some time now and does not show any signs of improving – the current pricing for most suppliers was set many months ago when the A$ was trading comfortably above US80c. Most manufacturers are also reporting increased production costs from within China, which covers most products on the market.

We are also expecting to see some short-term stock shortages due to the Coronavirus. While many factories are starting to return to work in China most are not at full capacity, and it may be some months before this happens. This is being compounded with shipping being disrupted at the same time.

If you have been putting off your Audio/Visual purchase now may be a good time to take the plunge.

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