Latest News Get 3 FREE months of TIDAL HiFi with Bluesound

We have been a fan of the Tidal streaming service for many years now.

The service was introduced in 2015, and in 2017 became the first to offer hi-res streaming, called Tidal Masters, when they adopted MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology. Initially these hi-res tracks were limited in number, but the catalogue now extends to over a million tracks. Tidal’s total track catalogue now exceeds 60 million tracks.

We have also been a big fan NAD’s streaming stablemate, Bluesound, since its release. Bluesound was the first streaming hardware manufacturer to incorporate Tidal Masters into their app and they continue to manufacture one of the best performing wireless multi-room streaming solutions on the market.

Bluesound have just announced a their ‘Get Tidal Hi-Fi’ promotion. From now until the end of March purchase any Bluesound player and they will provide a three-month subscription to Tidal HiFi, free of charge*.

This is a great pairing. Tidal is arguably the best sounding streaming service out there, and Bluesound is capable of resolving the difference.

Bluesound full terms and conditions here.

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