Latest News Tuning into FM Radio’s superior frequency

Recently my wife and I went shopping for a new lounge suite…

We checked many of the usual haunts, and the one thing that struck me was the amount of furniture that is driven by design and not by what its main purpose should be, in this case comfort. We found that a surprising number of the suites we sat in looked fabulous but were about as comfortable as sitting on a bag of coal.

The same can be said of our industry. On so many occasions we sacrifice quality for design, convenience or quantity. For example we find an increasing number of components coming onto the market where local terrestrial broadcast sources have been removed.

Why offer FM when you have all the radio stations in the world at your fingertips through Internet Radio? One good reason would be because FM sounds infinitely better than Internet Radio.

This really is a classic example of quantity over quality.

FM is a very underrated source. Many people use it as background noise while they are getting on with life, but via a high-quality tuner FM radio can deliver a surprising level of performance.

And the best tuner in the world is Magnum Dynalab from Canada.

This company has taken FM radio to an art form. While many of their tuners also offer DAB+ and Internet Radio it is their FM circuitry that sets them apart from everyone else.

Magnum Dynalab manufacture a large range of tuners – we only carry a select number but have access to the full range if you are looking for something specific. The range starts with the MD801, offering Internet Radio, streaming, DAB+ and of course FM. The MD801 sells for $2,190.

The highest performance unit we are currently showing is the MD90T – this is an FM only tuner with a Triode audio stage selling at $2,490.  If you are an FM listener you will love this unit. If you are not an FM listener the MD90T may convert you.

FM is a free source of quality music – why not take advantage of that?

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