Latest News Panasonic brings Hollywood to your home

We have just received our first (small) shipment of the new ‘FZ1000 Panasonic OLED screens, and the wait has been worth it.

We have considered the Panasonic OLED TV’s to be the finest on the market since their release a few years ago. In fact, we believe that they are the best domestic TV’s ever manufactured.

The new range is nothing short of stunning. This has been powered by  new HCX Pro Intelligent Processor which the company claims provides unmatched detail, impressive brightness and stunning color accuracy. Thankfully they have not ventured down the ‘let’s make these the most vivid screen on the market’ path (which is a good thing!) but they are the most lifelike – and that is what it should all be about. Much of this has to do with Pansonic’s long standing relationship with Hollywood film professionals and their input during the product development process and have used Panasonic screens as their large-format reference monitors. These new models are no exception with well-known Hollywood colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld (who has worked on such films as Jurassic World,  Man of Steel, Wonder Woman and Star Wars: The Force Awakens) leading his expertise to the tuning of these new screens.

The other somewhat surprising news is the fact that theses new Panasonic OLED screens have been released at prices lower than their predecessors. We are accustomed to new releases hitting the market at a high ‘early adopter’ price, and then over a period dropping in price to settle at its market price.

For example, the Panasonic OLED 65” TH-65FZ1000U has been released with a retail price of $5,499 (we are marketing it at $4,999), which is $1,000 less than the retail price of its predecessor at the time it was discontinued.

These screens are fully featured, with all the buzz technologies. UltraHD Premium panel, HRD10+(the broadest range of high dynamic range on the market), Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos speakers, Twin tuner (for picture-in-picture), works with both Alexa and Google Assist and comes with Netflix, Stan, Prime Video, iView, Plex, YouTube, freeview and SBS on demand streaming built-in.

There are two models in the Panasonic OLED ‘1000 series, the 55” TH-55GZ1000U which we are selling for $2,999 and the TH-65GZ1000U at $4,999. These are remarkable screens at these prices. The only downside is that currently shipments are limited and there could be a short wait on supply.

Later this year Panasonic will be releasing ‘1500 and a ‘2000 versions of these screens. Prices have now been officially announced, with the TH-65GZ2000U priced at $8122 and the TH-651500U at $6199. Differences for the 2000 includes customised 4K OLED panel and Dolby Atmos compatible upward-firing speakers, whilst the rest of the feature set is effectively shared with the GZ1500 and GZ1000 models.

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