Latest News Trinnov continues to thrill with stunning sonic performances

If you are a videophile, or serious about building a high-class Home Theatre, the chances are very good that you would be aware of Trinnov.

This French based company has quickly established itself as the manufacturer of the finest Audio Visual processors on the market – bar none. Admittedly this comes at a (hefty) price, but if you were lucky enough to attend the StereoNet/Krix demonstration at last year’s Melbourne show you will appreciate that Trinnov Audio’s ability to localise sounds in a theatre environment is both uncanny and unmatched.

Trinnov is also committed, as much as possible, to futureproofing their product. And they are doing this at no cost to their clients. Trinnov recently announced that they would be embracing IMAX Enhanced processing, and this would be done via a free software update later this year. Their latest announcement is that they will also be the first company to introduce DTS:X Pro to the domestic market – again via a free software download.

Currently there are two A/V processors in the Trinnov Audio range, the 16 channel Altitude16 and the 32 channel Altitude32, with are a number of variations available for the latter model. Pricing is $23,500 for the Altitude16 and between $31,500 – $46,000 for the Altitude 32.  Trinnov has also announced an expansion processor which will allow for a total of 48 channels when connected to the Altitude 32. For good measure Trinnov also manufacture a two channel pre-amplifier and a couple of multi-channel power amps.

‘Far in excess of what you can expect from the majority of commercial theatres.’

We are in the process of putting the finishing touches to three Trinnov based dedicated theatres and are about to start the fourth. All three theatres currently in production utilise the Altitude 32 processor with varying speaker configurations of 14.8.8, 9.6.4 and 13.4.6 (the last one using all Meridian active speakers). Sonically they are stunning – far in excess of what you can expect from the majority of commercial theatres. Visually they are also breathtaking, with two of these theatres utilising the new Sony VPL-VW870 4K Laser projectors – which one of our staff described it as having a 140” OLED TV on the wall!

Theatres of this calibre are miles ahead of what was available only a few years ago and are extemporary examples of the level of technology now available in the domestic Home Theatre arena. They may be expensive, but like a Bugatti or Lamborghini motor car they take the industry to a new level.

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