Latest News Arrived: New Musical Fidelity M2 components

There is still a large market for Hi-Fi in the old-fashioned sense, i.e. an amplifier, CD and/or turntable and speakers.

Many people have not (yet) adopted digital music or on-line delivery and are looking for a simple, but good quality, two channel system.

Musical Fidelity have embraced this market with their new M2 components, the M2Si integrated amplifier and the M2CD CD player. Both models are stripped down versions of their very successful M3 components, at lower price points. The amplifier is a purely analogue affair with six high-level inputs (no built-in phono stage) and two outputs (pre-out and tape out). One of the inputs can be switched to Home Theatre through-put if you wish to use this amplifier as part of a home theatre rig.

Despite the $1,799 price tag of each unit there has been no compromises in build quality or performance.

The performance and manufacture of these two components is pure Musical Fidelity. Firstly, the A2Si amplifier is built like a tank, weighing close to 10kg. It is rated at 76 watts/channel (8 Ohm). It features a Class A pre-amp stage with its dedicated power supply, and discrete power amplifiers. The M3Si is effectively a pre-power combination in one chassis.

The build and performance of the M2CD CD player follows the same theme. There is no separate digital input, and Musical Fidelity have reverted to a slot feed loader.

It is the performance that is the highlight for both components. Despite the $1,799 price tag of each unit there has been no compromises in build quality or performance. Musical Fidelity have simply deleted features they consider not essential for the market these products have been designed for. Both the M2Si and the M2CD achieve the quality of musical reproduction which has become the signature of this brand over the decades. It is rare to come across components at this price point that sound this good.

Match these with a good pair of speakers and you have a well-priced system that will deliver great music for a very long time.

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