Latest News Revival Audio’s Atalante 4 – Redefining Soundstage Grandeur and Value

Revival Audio’s Atalante 4 speakers out of France are the industry’s hottest new release in decades.

Their Atalante 3 and Atalante 5 models have been an extraordinary success – winning awards and garnering glowing awards worldwide.

We have just received their new Atalante 4. This largish floor-standing speaker is a departure from the earlier models in this range, which are both stand-mount speakers (albeit the Atalante 5 is a large example of the genre). The Atalante 4 also exhibits a slight departure sonically.

First and foremost, this is an excellent loudspeaker, one that offers exceptional value at $7,700. During my initial listening sessions, I found myself making mental comparisons with speakers who cost three times as much!

Revival Audio Atalante inpage
Revival Audio Atalante 4 stands out as exceptional, providing remarkable value at a price point of $7,500.

The Atalante 4’s displays all the hallmarks that have made the ‘3 and ‘5 so desirable – including their meticulous approach to building quality. Their much-lauded ‘imagery’, as is their sense of tonal ‘balance’, is evident.

‘First and foremost, this is an excellent loudspeaker, one that offers exceptional value at $7,500. ‘ – Len Wallis

One of the hallmarks of the Revival Audio range is its ability to retain the correct level of high frequencies without becoming hard or harsh. Most manufacturers tread the fine line of either rolling off the top end in order to present a relaxed, smooth experience at the expense of excitement (and realism) or producing a speaker with plenty of high frequencies and run the risk of becoming hard and fatiguing. Revival is one of the few manufacturers that present the correct high-end level without becoming aggressive.

Where I do find the Atalante 4 a slight departure sonically is the pure grandeur of the performance. This speaker presents a vast and very involving sound field. Another favourite speaker of mine is the similarly priced Mu2 compact bookshelf from Serhan Swift. The Mu2 has a lot to recommend it. Superb imagery, dynamic, with insane bass for such a small box. They are precise and detailed (again without exhibiting any sense of harshness), with everything in its rightful place. The Atalante 4’s exhibit all the same qualities – but with a far larger soundstage. While they will work in a smallish room (my listening was done in a room 5mts x 3.5mts), they will easily fill a far larger listening environment.

You are going to hear a lot more about the Atalante 4 in the coming years – value such as this does not come our way often.

If you’re intrigued by the remarkable performance and exceptional value of the Revival Audio Atalante 4, we warmly invite you to experience it firsthand in our showroom at Len Wallis Audio. Come immerse yourself in the grandeur of its soundstage and witness the craftsmanship that has made the Atalante series a standout.

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