Latest News Introducing Pantheone Audio: A Fusion of Art, Form, and Sound

We all appreciate a captivating Australian success story, particularly within the audio-visual industry, where such achievements are relatively rare. There are only a handful of Aussie companies competing on the global stage, including Serhan Swift loudspeakers, designed and built in Australia, who are garnering recognition in the UK and are poised for success in the USA. Meanwhile, Krix loudspeakers have established themselves in numerous overseas countries, including China.

Now, we turn our attention to another rising star on the Australian audio scene – Pantheone Audio.

Test and Learn: A Pantheone 1 prototype during its development.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pantheone Audio, you’re not alone. However, we firmly believe that this is about to change. Based in Sydney, Pantheone Audio burst onto the scene three years ago with their inaugural offering, the Pantheone 1. This high-end wireless speaker broke new ground by seamlessly merging Art, Form, and Sound. In an era where convenience often trumps performance when it comes to wireless speakers, the Pantheone 1 successfully bridges the gap. Not only does it deliver superior audio performance compared to its competitors, but it also boasts the flexibility of the genre, all while being a stunning work of art in its own right.

Building on the success of the Pantheone 1, the company has unveiled their latest creation, the Obsidian. This smaller yet stylish speaker offers the added advantage of portability via its inbuilt rechargeable battery. Despite its more compact size, the Obsidian shines as an exceptional performer, capable of filling even the most intimate domestic environments. Its price-to-performance ratio makes it an appealing choice for audio enthusiasts.

While Pantheone Audio may be a relatively young company, it has already made significant strides in establishing itself in international markets. Their products have captured the attention of audio and style-conscious enthusiasts in the UK, France, Italy, Ukraine, South Korea, UAE, South Africa, India, and Turkey. Furthermore, Pantheone Audio was honoured with the prestigious 2020 Red Dot Award, a testament to their commitment to design excellence across various categories.

So, what sets Pantheone Audio apart from the competition? At first glance, one might assume that Pantheone is solely focused on design, like many others who have tried to enter the audio world. However, the truth is far more compelling. Pantheone Audio’s CEO, Oren Adani, brings over 25 years of electronics expertise to the table, while their head acoustic engineer, Adrian Stachowicz, honed his skills during a distinguished 25-year tenure at Focal. To add a touch of creative finesse, their creative director, Anne-Claire Bottos, has worked with esteemed luxury brands such as Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent, and Givenchy. This amalgamation of talent ensures that Pantheone Audio not only delivers desired aesthetics but also achieves world-class audio performance.

Left to Right) Adrien Stachowicz (Head of Acoustic Engineering), Anne-Claire Bottos (Pantheone Creative Director), and Oren Adani (Founder & CEO).
Left to Right) Adrien Stachowicz (Head of Acoustic Engineering), Anne-Claire Bottos (Pantheone Creative Director), and Oren Adani (Founder & CEO).

Crafting audio products that seamlessly marry aesthetics and audio quality presents a unique set of challenges. As evidenced by the original prototype of the Pantheone 1, there were considerable obstacles to overcome in terms of performance before the final design could be transformed into a work of art. Oren Adani explains that one of the initial hurdles was finding the optimal driver size to achieve the desired audio performance while adhering to the constraints imposed by the speaker’s intended design. Additionally, the placement of the drivers played a critical role in the product’s overall acoustic performance.

Let’s delve into the details of Pantheone Audio’s remarkable offerings:

Pantheone 1:

The Pantheone 1 casing is meticulously constructed from a single piece of polished resin, leveraging its inert properties and unique shape to create an ideal housing for the speaker drivers. This exquisite speaker boasts a total of 8 drivers, including 2 x 6.5″ bass drivers, 2 x 4″ mid-range drivers, and 4 x 0.75″ silk dome tweeters. These drivers are powered by 2 x 130-watt and 2 x 70-watt amplifiers. Control options include touch controls on the speaker, Alexia integration, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Streaming services such as Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, Airplay, Tidal, and TuneIn are all supported.

The Pantheone 1 is available for $3,595.


The Obsidian models, also crafted with high-density resin, exude an elegance that matches their audio prowess. These speakers feature a single 5.5″ bass driver and twin 1″ silk dome tweeters powered by 1 x 40-watt and 2 x 20-watt amplifiers. In addition to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Obsidian offers seamless control via Alexa integration. Streaming enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite music through Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, Tidal, TuneIn, and Airplay.

The Obsidian is available at an attractive price point of $1,995.

Pantheone Audio represents a compelling force in the audio world, effortlessly combining exceptional audio performance with stunning aesthetics. With a team boasting expertise across electronics, acoustics, and design, Pantheone Audio has swiftly established its presence in global markets. For those seeking an auditory and visual feast, Pantheone Audio models are available for demonstration at Len Wallis Audio’s showroom, where you can experience the artistry and sonic excellence firsthand.

Stay tuned as this Aussie success story continues to unfold on the world stage.

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