Latest News It’s a great time to be in the market for AV equipment!

There is no shortage of bargains in our industry at the moment. It appears that every importer is currently running some variant of stock clearance, be it a trade-up, cash back, value add or a limited period discount.

Masimo Australia, who import Marantz, have simply bitten the bullet and (substantially) reduced the prices on some of their models: no conditions, no jumping through hoops, just a good old-fashioned price reduction.

You would be excused for asking why there is such a plethora of offers at the moment. It is due to a combination of two factors.

Firstly stock has been tough to come by in recent years due to Covid related lockdowns, freight issues etc. – so most companies purchased as much stock as they could get their hands on. This has been followed by a downturn in trade, and suddenly many companies have found themselves with full warehouses in a diminished market.

This is not limited to importers, with many retailers in the same situation. A recent report estimated that on average electronic stores are carrying over $300k of excess stock, further exasperating suppliers who are trying to move their stock through these bloated retail channels.

It’s a great time to be in the market for AV equipment!

Back to the Marantz reductions. As mentioned, some of these were significant.

  • NR-1510 slimline AV receiver – was $1450 now $999
    PM-6007 integrated stereo amplifier – was $1290 now $1050
    CD-6007 CD player –  was $1299 now $1000
    PM-7000n integrated stereo amplifier with music streaming built-in – was $2400, now $2000
    NR-1200 slimline stereo receiver with music streaming built-in – was $1600, now $1300

Marantz has always been one of the most reliable and better-performing brands in the A/V mid-market – these prices certainly make them ultra-competitive as well.

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