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Come and meet the experts from Halcro Australia.

Len Wallis Audio & Halcro Australia would like to invite you to our showroom on the afternoon of Thursday, the 21st of November 2019 from 4.00 pm where we will be holding a special event to demonstrate Halcro’s incredible new product the Eclipse mono block power amplifier  – the only pair currently in Sydney.

Halcro has built some exceptional HiFi products, so much so that in 2002 renowned review publication Stereophile carried the Halcro DM58 on its cover, calling it ‘The best amplifier ever’.

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing for the company despite worldwide acclaim. Following a take-over of the parent company in 2008, the Halcro brand disappeared. Jump to 2015 and the Halcro brand was acquired by Adelaide company Magenta and resurrected. Halcro have spent the last few years on research and development on this exceptional mono block power amplifier.

The afternoon will feature demonstrations with special guests from Halcro, including CEO Dr. Peter Foster. Head of Sales and Marketing, Michael Kirkham and Principal Engineer, Lance Hewitt. Learn more about what it takes to develop & manufacturer the Eclipse and find out more about what’s instore for Halcro and its product plans for the future.

We hope you will join us for refreshments & nibbles whilst you experience these superb Halcro Eclipse Amplifier and meet the experts behind it at Len Wallis Audio.

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