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If something works for you it makes sense to try it again, and that is exactly what B&W is doing with their ‘Trade-in: Trade-up’ promotion.

When B&W ran this incentive last year it was a huge success, so they have decided to repeat it this year.

Until the end of August you are guaranteed a minimum trade-in value on any working loudspeaker when buying a new B&W speaker. This promotion applies to almost the entire B&W range. The minimum trade-in value is approximately 10% of the price of the speaker you are buying. This means if you are considering a pair of 800 D3’s you will receive at least $4,190 as a trade-in on your existing speakers – irrespective of what they are worth. (A full break-down of trade-in values is available here).

‘The current B&W line-up is the strongest I have ever seen’

Of course, that trade-in price is not set in stone – if your existing speakers are worth more than 10% offered you will still receive the full trade-in value.

The current B&W line-up is the strongest I have ever seen, and we have been carrying their speakers for 40 years. The 800 D3 series is a stand-out – so good in fact that we sell almost as many pair of 800 series speakers (which start at $7,900 and go through to $41,900) as we do their entry level 600 series.

Another strong market for B&W in recent times has been headphones. Given their expertise in loudspeakers it is not surprising that they have managed to produce some very fine sounding
headphones (and in this ‘fashion’ conscious market let’s not forget that ‘sound’ should be the most important element of any headphone).

One of their highlights is the model PX, a wireless noise cancelling headphone that sells for $549. They received a five-star review from What Hi-Fi, who listed their attributes as:
• Transparent, detailed sound
• Excellent dynamics
• Impeccable sense of timing
• Clever, intuitive features
• Impressive noise-cancelling
• Good battery life
• Fine build
And their shortcomings as:
• Nothing significant.

B&W has just extended their Trade-in: Trade-up promotion to the PX headphones. Any pair of working headphones are worth $150 as a trade-in on a pair of PX’s, leaving a change-over price of $399. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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