Latest News Home grown HiFi resurgence

It looks like there is something of a resurgence in locally produced Hi-End audio underway.

This week we have received our first shipment of the world class SRG audio racks. A great range, well priced and designed and manufactured (very meticulously I might add) in Melbourne. We have also received the world famous Dohmann Helix Two turntable, designed by Australian turntable doyen Mark Dohmann.

Yesterday we received a pair of the new Duntech Senator speakers. Duntech is an iconic Australian brand and was acquired by Kiat Low from Orpheus speakers in 2008. Kiat has been working on re-designs since then, and the Senator will be the forerunner for a number of models, including remakes of the Princess and Sovereign.

We have to give the pair we have back in a couple of days but we should receive a floor pair in the near future. They sell for $20,000 a pair, and they are a stunning speaker for the money.

Finally we are expecting a set of Halcro mono-block power amplifiers before Christmas. Halcro, designed and built in South Australia, was one of the finest amplifiers ever manufactured. Following the sale of the company that owned Halcro the brand disappeared for some time, but it has been recently resurrected under new ownership. These will sell for around $125k the pair – keep an eye on our social media, we will certainly be talking plenty about them when these arrive.

Local power: The Halcro Eclipse Amplifier

Australia has always had a proud heritage when it comes to audio, but this has waned somewhat in the last decade or so. It is great to see some very talented, and very brave, companies emerging again.

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