Sydney Home's Technological Transformation

A 19th-Century Sydney Home's Technological Transformation

Project overview

Heritage Meets High Performance

Nestled in one of Sydney’s most coveted neighbourhoods, a charming 19th-century terrace house established in 1790 has experienced a technological awakening. This substantial transformation began in 2019 when the homeowner, an ardent audiophile, engaged our team to fuse the past with the present. The goal? To modernise and upgrade the Audio/Visual Systems, Lighting Control System, HVAC, Security, and Access Control in a home where history resonates in every brick.

Modernising a heritage home is never a simple task, especially when solid brick walls and concrete foundations leave little room for concealing contemporary technology.

In a quiet enclave of Sydney lies an architectural marvel, a 19th-century terrace house originally erected in 1790. Yet, despite its deep historical roots, this residence has become a striking exemplar of technology’s ability to merge harmoniously with heritage.

The metamorphosis of this historic jewel began in 2019 at the behest of its homeowner – a dedicated audiophile with a discerning ear and an eye for the preservation of history. The vision was clear: merge bygone eras with today’s technological forefront, integrating Audio/Visual Systems, state-of-the-art Lighting, modern HVAC, and advanced Security and Access Control without disrupting the historic essence that permeates each brick.

The very nature of heritage homes, especially those built with solid brick walls and firm concrete foundations, makes them challenging canvases for technological innovation. The obstacles? Retrofitting a structure with modern amenities that its original architects could never have fathomed. Yet, innovative solutions emerged, such as a discreetly hidden wall on the ground floor that not only concealed an electrical board but also cleverly incorporated a mini bar fridge, marrying functionality with discretion.

The integration didn’t stop there. The home’s AV hub found its sanctuary in a 2nd-floor cupboard, ingeniously allowing ambient airflow to cool the equipment.

An unyielding commitment was evident: the preservation of every intricate detail of the house’s historical ambiance. This extended to the refined brass wall plates that typify the residence. Lutron’s avant-garde lighting system impeccably respected this heritage, bringing forth enhanced control and dimming features while beautifully merging with restored vintage light fixtures.

To cater to the homeowner’s musical inclinations, in-ceiling and bookshelf speakers were installed, ensuring a melodious harmony wafted through each room.

Yet, among the triumphs was perhaps the creation of a formidable Wifi network within brick walls that seemed defiant to modern connectivity. Through the deployment of a robust cat6A network, the house now boasts a digital framework ready to tackle both current and emerging technological demands.

Underpinning this seamless integration was the Savant system. Beyond just AV and HVAC controls, this system took automation to new heights – from detecting rain to automatically secure attic windows, to motion-triggered TV displays transforming into artful renditions.

This project, spearheaded by Len Wallis Audio, is more than just a renovation; it’s a testament to the art of possibilities. By synergizing with expert lighting designers and ingeniously incorporating hidden facets, they’ve manifested a space where heritage meets high-tech opulence. This Sydney terrace house is now not only a historic gem but also a forward-looking marvel, a testament to how the past and future can coalesce with finesse.

Key Features for the Sydney Home Technological Upgrade

Ground Floor: Living Room

B&W and James high-quality speakers, including a special edition Datuk Gloss.
JL Audio powerful subwoofer.
Anthem A/V receiver.
Samsung 65″ Frame TV.
Comprehensive power and networking components, including a Thor power board and Pakedge switch.


B&W ceiling speaker.
Savant 8″ Touch Control Screen.

Formal Dining

B&W shelf/stand mount speaker.

First Floor: Master Bedroom & Bathroom

LG 42″ OLED TV, Sonos soundbar, and specialized Vogels mounting systems.
B&W in-ceiling speaker in both bedroom and marine-grade custom speaker in the bathroom.

Bedroom 2

Sony 32″ TV with Venturi wall mount.

Second Floor: Bedroom 3 & 4

Samsung 55″ QLED Frame TV with customizable modern frame and associated Sonos equipment.
B&W in-ceiling speakers, with Bedroom 4 wired for potential future TV.

Attic Level: Study

B&W shelf/stand mount speaker.
Client-supplied 32″ TV.
Control System

Savant control suite with remote, audio systems, and Coolmaster air conditioning interface.
Sonos streaming modules and a five-port Savant AVB Ethernet switch.


Araknis Networks Indoor Wireless Access Points.
Comprehensive Pakedge suite, including router, switches, and power distribution unit.
Sanus 27RU Rack Kit and Electrocraft Patch Panel.

Lutron Lighting System

Lutron HQP6-2 processor, numerous switching zones, and adaptive din modules.
Lutron Homeworks Dali loop controllers and contact closure interface.
Lutron Palladiom keypad kits in various finishes, including Bright Brass and White Glass.
Faradite motion sensors and Lutron outdoor occupancy sensor.
Comprehensive Lutron wiring and modular components.

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