A modern classic

The project
This completely remodelled of a 1930 Federation home which was as extensive as it can get. The client who was an existing customer, was keen to take advantage to add all the modern technology features of today but maintain the look and feel of the original architecture that the home deserved. The brief was a true integrated home encompassing the Lighting, Security, Audio and Video and all networking.

We provided a Design and Construct contract and consulted on all technology aspects of the project.

The process
As with so many of our larger installations, the process starts with a consultation process. This is followed by a Design and Documentation phase and leads us into Scope of Works, Project specification and costing. This allows us to ensure our product offer is always in line with the customers’ expectations.

The process ensures the combinations of products are compatible with each other, space and performance issues are identified well in advance of the installation phase saving time as money to the project.

One of the bigger challenges with a project of this nature is the time span it takes for the construction. This requires sharp project management and site documentation. This is especially true when working in with multiple trades.

The Implementation
By integrating C-Bus lighting control, Ness Security, E-Key Biometric access, Mobotix CCTV, as well as all the Audio Video components with an all-encompassing Savant control system we were able to provide the client with a user friendly all in one interface solution to control all aspects of their home.

The Lighting control is designed to be integrated with an astronomic clock to ensure lights are on with the setting of the sun and turn off at the desired time. Movement sensors provide an effortless control around the home along hall ways, walk-in-robes, bathrooms as well as side paths.

Biometric access control has been incorporated as part of the security system to provide a secure entry to the home as well as trigger events into the control system for lights and AV control.

A sense of the security and comfort comes from the integration of the CCTV cameras onto the iPads and TV around the home as well as the ability to view them from outside the home from a secure VPN connection.

Audio and Video equipment is all controlled via the Savant Host controller and allows for the seamless integration with lights and blinds were required.

Multi room audio is via Sonos with a total of 8 zones. It selection was chosen due to its superb interface and its ease of use.

The Savant control system was accepted well by the client and its ability to run on the client’s range of iPads and iPhones meant that it was always in arms reach.

Astronomic clock

In many of our projects, including this one, we implement ‘Astronomic Functionally’. Quite simply this means that various automatic functions of the Home Automation system are governed by seasonal factors rather than set times. A good example of this would your homes exterior lighting.

It is desirable for external lights to turn on and gradually ramp up at dusk, and turn back off again at a predetermined time after this. However dusk in summer occurs at a different time than in winter. An astronomic clock calculates the daily sunrise and sunset times, allowing you to trigger events based around these times. This is a much better solution than needing to reprogram stop start times at various intervals during the year.

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Biometric access

This is another technology which continues to gain in popularity. Finger print access is one of the most secure access systems available. Traditional access systems such as keys, cards, pin numbers etc. can be lost, copied, shared or stolen. Finger print access is unique to the individual and therefore cannot be reproduced or shared.

It is possible to give limited biometric access. For example if you know your cleaners are regularly there on a certain day you can set up the system to recognise their finger print during specific hours on that day. Outside of those hours access for that individual will be denied.

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Why our customers love us

On behalf of my wife and myself, I want to thank you and your team for your work with our speaker and TV installation. Mark and Daniel were polite, patient, and always explained themselves. They offered ideas that improved our service, and offered to help in areas we didn’t expect. They even cleaned up after themselves!!! They came when they said they would and we are very grateful. We were very impressed. We had other tradesmen in the house at the same time, which only served to highlight the superiority of your team. Emmanuel, Randwick
Alberto, a note long overdue – the team provided for the installation of our entertainment centre was just stellar. They each of them went out of their way to be helpful, they were careful of everything in the house (under construction at the time!), they demonstrated the patience of the saints in interactions with other contractors on site, and above all else, professional in the extreme – everyone knew exactly what they were doing, and did it exceptionally well, working flawlessly as a team. James, Waverton
Your installation team, and we have been involved with five or six of them, are absolutely the most professional and quality conscious people you could hope to have on your installation. Unless it was perfect they were not going to accept it. A far cry from most implementers one comes across these days. We would always recommend your company to anyone seeking for an audio job to be well done. Malcolm, St. Ives
Every one of your installation people were outstanding. They were all extremely professional, clearly competent, easy to deal with, and also very respectful of the apartment in the way they went about their respective tasks. The thing that stood out most was the way your people fitted in with our joiners, and worked closely with them to deliver a magnificent sound system, housed in a beautiful piece of joinery. Indeed it was a pleasure to have your people here, and we would be very willing to recommend Len Wallis Audio to anyone contemplating a similar installation in the future. Lea, Rushcutters Bay
Just a quick email to let you know that the boys assigned to my job were exemplary. Their attention to detail was second to none. Christian, George, Tom and Alberto have been a pleasure to work with. Everyone has been very approachable, professional and above all, good people. You are very lucky to have them on your team. The system is great for my apartment. It looks and sounds amazing! Bill, Brighton le Sands

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