A creative compact solution

The clients brief for this project was in a word. Brief. “I want this to be one of those theatre’s on the front cover of a magazine”

Given the limited space and high expectations of the biggest audio and visual impact possible the decision was made to go with Professional (& THX rated) Martin Audio loudspeakers behind a Micro perforated screen. Martin Audio speakers are capable of producing very high SPL levels and required some careful audio calibration & tuning to ensure that they didn’t take your head off at the first explosion in this 9m x 6m venue! The screen is from Stewart Filmscreen, with micro perforations which allowed the sound to pass though.

The room’s internal features were also designed by Len Wallis Audio to optimize both looks and acoustics. Behind the speakers and screen we lined the area with acoustic dampening material, filled the columns along the sides with sound insulation and then lined all of the walls in a rich red fabric to absorb and stop sound from bouncing around the room.

Being somewhat of a showpiece theatre the equipment rack is on display as you enter, and it’s impressive! Starting from the bottom with a Power conditioner & surge protection unit from THOR, 6 x power amplifiers from QSC, Digital surround processor from Yamaha and various source equipment above. The attention to detail in wiring the rack was such that this was nominated for the ‘Best Dressed System’ award at that years CEDIA awards.

As soon as you open the door the theatre comes to life – even if the system is off the lights will automatically ramp up when the door opens. If it opens! There is a finger print reader on the door with electric strike so only the owner can program who is allowed in the theatre.

The first Sharp XVZ2100 in Australia was used in this theatre and proved to be everything the reviews had promised. Together with basically the world’s best screen fabric from Stewart the visual impact is stunning.

The control system incorporated is from Crestron, with the touch screen being mounted in the arm of one of the theatre seats.  From this touch screen the user can operate every single function of the room. Even from programming his own lighting scenes to sound preferences, everything is easy to use and available with the Crestron touch screen.

Year of completion: 2007
The outcome:
This theatre won both the CEDIA ‘Best Home Theatre over $100,000’ award and the Sound and Image ‘Home Theatre installation of the Year’ awards in 2007, and did feature on the front cover of a magazine!!