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In recent times a great deal has been written about the changing face of our industry, and the movement towards smaller, more aesthetically pleasing, audio solutions.

While there is some truth in this, it is by no means a universal trend. If anything over the last few years  we have seen an increase in the number of people investing in good quality, component-based two channel systems. People are again embracing listening to music in their leisure time, and for many the most important aspect of any audio purchase is the sound. If this means seeking out components that do not visually match each other, or that dominate the living environment – so be it.

At the same time, we also recognise that there are many situations where size and looks are important, and in numerous cases this leads to clients compromising on performance to achieve the desired result. This has been recognised by many in the industry with several companies producing small attractive packages that also sound good – the NAD M10 being a good example of this.

Leading the charge has been British company Naim Audio with their Uniti range of streaming amplifiers. This range consists of three models, and each one houses – in one compact and simple to operate box – the electronics you need to form the basis of a great sounding system: simply add speakers.

Several years ago, Naim Audio was purchased by French speaker manufacturer Focal (and who had the common sense not to interfere in what is one the most successful manufacturing organisations in our industry).

They have just announced a series of five audio packages, all consisting of Naim Uniti electronics and Focal speakers, aimed at the discerning consumer who demands quality performance and build, ease of operation (the Naim interface is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry) and value. Each of these systems are priced well under the usual retail pricing, and all represent excellent value for money. They all come with 4 mtr. pairs of pre-terminated speaker cable, and in each case the speakers are finished in black to match the electronics.

  • Bundle A: Naim Uniti Atom with Focal Chora 806 bookshelf speakers. $5,399 – save $1,590.
  • Bundle B: Naim Uniti Atom with Focal Chora 826 floor-standing speakers. $6,999 – save $2.041.
  • Bundle C: Naim Uniti Star with Focal Aria 926 floor-standing speakers. $9,999 – save $3,640.
  • Bundle D: Naim Uniti Star with Focal Kanta No. 1 book-shelf speakers. $14,999 – save $3,240
  • Bundle E: Naim Uniti Nova with Focal Kanta No. 2 floor-standing speakers. $19,999 – save $4,840.

As an additional bonus these systems will come with a five-year warranty!

One of the other advantages of these systems is that they also offer a great alternative to the current trend towards soundbars for TV listening. The electronics are compact (less obtrusive than many soundbars), much more flexible, and there is no comparison in terms of performance.

Each of these systems is ready for audition in our showroom.

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