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Welcome to the new Len Wallis Audio website.

We have finally bid farewell to our old site which has faithfully served us for 14 years (a couple of lifetimes in website years!!). Today’s launch is a soft one, and while most of the important stuff is here this site will continue to develop for some time as additional products, news items and features are added.

Undoubtedly there will also be the odd mistake or link that may not work– we apologise if this is the case and would welcome any feedback.







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  1. Loving the new site. A much needed change for sure. look forward to further improvements. Keep it up.

    The only suggestion I have is when I viewed the secondhand gear and go into a sub category you lose the ability to navigate to other sub categories down the left hand side. Means you have to go back a level and then choose another sub category to view. Simple stuff.

    John B

    1. Hi John,

      Glad to hear you are enjoying the site, there’s much still to do to get it where we would like it but there is great potential.
      Thanks for you feedback here and the need for navigation to remain consistent as you step through the various pages – a worth while inclusion
      – I will put this on the list of updates.

      Kind regards,

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