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BeoSound Shape

Off the wall music

Wall-mounted speaker system for design-conscious music lovers. Immersive sound, customisable design and integrated noise dampers.

“It masks an extremely clever and well thought-out system that could just be the way forward for how hi-fi should look in our homes.”
What HiFi

All sound. Enjoy silence. Celebrate originality.

Beosound Shape is a modular speaker system for design conscious music lovers. Hanging like a unique piece of art, it delivers immersive sound staging and the ability to improve your room acoustics with its built-in noise dampers.


No two configurations are likely to be the same, and that's the whole beauty. Yet each one will undoubtedly leave a lasting visual imprint – on every wall and every room.

Try our configuration tool to create your personal Beosound Shape design. Start by defining the pattern and look. Complete your design by choosing a performance level that matches your needs.

Create you shape

Define your perfect shape

Beosound Shape is a uniquely flexible speaker system that can grow and evolve with the changing ways you live.

Rearrange the tiles to form a new pattern, change the colours when you redecorate or add more tiles to boost sound performance or acoustic damping properties.

There really is no limit to the design you can achieve with up to 44 speakers able to be configured in one system.

Choose a preset

“The indoor climate is all-important to our well-being. One aspect is light. Another factor is air quality. But equally important are the acoustics, as they impact us on both a physical and psychological level.”
Øivind Alexander Slaatto


Expand your experience

Beosound Shape is a part of B&O’s ever-growing home speaker collection. The products seamlessly connect into one Multiroom audio system with the potential to expand to every room of your home.

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A band on your wall

Prepare for an innovative and social music experience that brings ‘the band’ right into your room. Beosound Shape cleverly utilises a setup with multiple speakers to deliver a concert-like perception of singer and instruments. Book a demo, to feel the sensation

Turn down the noise

Poor indoor acoustics makes even the most beautiful room unpleasant to be in. Relieve the problem by integrating acoustic damper tiles when you design your Beosound Shape.

The heart of your music

At the heart of the system lies our Beosound Core connectivity hub. A small built-in box that lets you stream music directly from your phone or tablet via Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth.

All-in-one speaker system

Beosound Shape is more than just a wireless speaker. It is a complete audio system that can boast as many as 44 individual speakers, playing your digital music in rich and high-res audio quality.

Getting right the first time

The concept of BeoSound Shape is highly focused on creating an easy installation and pride ourselves on being the best in the industry. Using the online design tool we can easily design the actual look of the BeoSound Shape, and to have a suggestion to the acoustic design depending on your wishes. A star rail, which holds the design, is easily clicked together with connector rails to create the pattern you want on the wall. This means we create the placement of the tiles on the floor before mounting the system on the wall. The star rail is screwed into the wall and then we mounting the tiles with the electronics, the drivers and the cabling. The star rail holds the cabling in place so the installation looks neat.

Classic or Courageous – the choice is yours

There is nothing like a dab of colour to add a refined personal touch to interior spaces. The BeoSound Shape colour palette currently counts 10 carefully selected quality fabrics that can be mixed and matched in every conceivable way. Fabric covers are interchangeable, making it easy to create fresh and different looks as time goes by.



With a vast choice of colours music becomes an aesthetic experience too. No two configurations are likely to be the same, but each one will undoubtedly leave a lasting visual imprint on every wall and every room.

You defining look and performance of BeoSound Shape. Bang & Olufsen provides an online configuration tool that allows you to design your “BeoSound Shape” easily and with lots of fun.

Start building from a single tile or use one of the presets as a basis for your design – choose colours and ultimately select a sound profile that matches your needs.

Click here to start your build

Important: Please take note when planning that each amplifier used requires a separate power connection. You can see the dimensions of your planned installation at the left and at the bottom of the screen. Once you have completed your planning, you can save your configuration as a PDF.

Then send your PDF to: and we’ll assist with pricing and installation.