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Experience Bang & Olufsen at Len Wallis Audio

There are very few brands in our industry with the appeal of Bang & Olufsen. As a result, we decided to build a dedicated B & O experience centre. In an age where many consumers are trying to hide the audio system out of sight. Bang & Olufsen is unashamedly designed to be proudly placed on display. As a result, this is a true merging of design and music (or as publication Wired described it) “quality media delivery via striking objects”.

Bang & Olufsen lay claim to be the oldest audio company in the world. When we consider they produced their first radio in 1925, they may just be right. Today they have a very wide repertoire of products but are most widely recognized for their speaker and TV offerings.

Clever Design – a B&O strength

We have become accustomed to very traditional box speakers of various shapes. Yet Bang & Olufsen turns their speakers into technical pieces of art. Take for example the Beoplay A9, which comes in a variety of finishes and can be floor or wall mounted. Despite its laid-back minimalist design, it features over 400 watts of amplification. in detail this includes: (1 x 400 watt amp for the bass driver, 2 x 200 watt amps for the midrange drivers, 2 x 200 watt amps for the full-range drivers and 2 x 150 watt amps for the tweeters). It has Chromecast, Airplay 2, Bluetooth and DLNA streaming and advanced control functionality. In addition, Active Room Compensation allowing you to place it anywhere in the room with great results. You can also add a second A9 for full stereo effect.

A dedicated Bang & Olufsen experience centre

Discover high quality Bang & Olufsen speaker systems, televisions and headphones at Len Wallis Audio in our experience lounge. dedicated experience lounge we have portable sound systems, docking stations and more.

The dedicated Bang & Olufsen experience lounge has been created for your enjoyment and discovery. Please coming into store and expert sales people can take you through all the latest products from Bang & Olufsen.

Fill your home with astonishing sound
Connect your speakers seamlessly throughout your home so they play the same music.
Connect your speakers over WiFi, build your system and enjoy Bang & Olufsen sound in every room of your home, with no compromise on design, sound or craftmanship.
Works with all your favorite music services and even connects with other brands of speakers: just choose your music and enjoy.
Our products are fully customizable. You can choose between colour, size, materials and placement options to ensure the technology in your home blends in beautifully and express your personal style.

Click here to discover Bang & Olufsen Shape
A Wall-mounted speaker system for design-conscious music lovers. Immersive sound, customisable design and integrated noise dampers.

The high-end Danish speaker maker Bang & Olufsen, affectionately known by its initials B&O, has long been known for building audio and video components sporting stylish, striking designs that command great respect.

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