Headlines – Summer 2018

From the desk of Len Wallis

We have recently launched our new website, having finally bid goodbye to the old site after 14 years, an eternity in website years – and for the first time we have a cart!!

While that addition of E-Commerce is obviously important to us, we have still designed the site as an informational resource. We are great believers that the more you know about a product or technology the better decisions you will make. While the site is not designed to replace live conversations or touching and listening to the equipment, we hope that you find it to be of value. We certainly welcome your feedback on the site (lenwallisaudio.com), and please take the opportunity to interact with us through our contact page.

Despite the time and money that is involved in putting together a new site, it can never take the place of actually listening to the components you are interested in, nor can it take the place of forming a relationship with a dealer you trust. Only this morning we received an email from a disgruntled customer (not ours) complaining about the performance and manufacturing quality of a relatively expensive CD player and amplifier that he had purchased. This purchaser was so incensed he took the time to include every Australian retailer for this brand, plus the distributor, on the email.

While the reaction may have been a tad extreme (I assume it is a consequence of not being able to get a satisfactory outcome to his problems) these situations do occasionally arise. Despite our best efforts there are always occasions where components that we recommend do not work out. There are many factors that we do not have control over e.g. existing equipment, room acoustics or simple miscommunication. Any good dealer is sympathetic to these situations and allows for components to be exchanged, or even refunded. Let’s be honest, you are going to live with this for a long time, so it is important that you get it right.

However in this case it appears that despite the fact that the amplifier and CD player are matching components from the same brand, they were purchased from different dealers, both in different states, and neither are in the state where the consumer lived. One can only speculate as to why this would be the case. Did this person listen to the gear before purchase? – that’s hard to ascertain. Is it the CD player or the amplifier (or both) which do not sound up to scratch? – difficult to tell.

What I do know is that this will not be a simple process of going back to his local dealer, explaining the problem, and getting a sympathetic outcome.

There is more to any successful transaction than price alone!