Headlines – Autumn 2019

From the desk of Len Wallis

When we opened the doors in 1978 this was a much simpler industry. All our customers required was a turntable, amplifier and a pair of speakers, with the occasional cassette deck for good measure.

It’s a very different scenario today, with vision, streaming, wireless, multi-room and more all thrown into the mix. Add issues such as handshake incompatibility between brands and unreliable networks, and you can understand why some clients feel that it is all too difficult.

Firstly, whatever the hurdles, the outcome will be worth it. The access to music and video today is unprecedented – and at a quality level never available in the past. As I am writing this I am listening, via Tidal, to the Philip Sayce Group, a blues band I had never heard of 30 minutes ago. And you can access all of this entertainment from anywhere in your home (or at work).

If you are like most of our clients, all you want is to have everything at your fingertips; you are not interested in the nuts and bolts of the set-up. You simply want it to work, as simply as possible. That is where we come in. Our job is to design a system that will fulfil your requirements, install that system, ensure it works as promised, show you how to use it, and then offer support if required. Handshake problems and network issues should be our responsibility.

We have been designing and installing systems for over 40 years. Today our installation and support staff outnumber sales staff by more than two to one. A considerable proportion of our business is still over-the-counter sales to those who are technically comfortable installing it themselves. However, we are finding an increasing number of our clients are leaving the installation and configuration part of the transaction in our hands.

Having your system professionally installed can have many benefits – the most obvious being that it is configured correctly, and is usually money well spent