Latest News High praise for PrimaLuna’s EVO 100

The perfect amplifier does not exist, and one of the main reasons for this is what may appear to be perfect for one user will not be suitable at all for another.

However despite the unique requirements that you may have it is important to always remember the primary function of any amplifier, irrespective of power, price or facilities – and that is to faithfully reproduce music.

We have just received the following comment on the PrimaLuna EVO 100 integrated amplifier, which was paired with the clients existing Rogers LS35a speakers:

“It’s amazing.  Literally sings – there’s no sense of the music coming out of The Rogers – it exists in 3D in front of me.  I’ve played just about every CD / SACD and the amp has revealed things I’ve never heard before”.

High praise indeed. But it is even more impressive when the customer in question is Kieran Stafford, owner of iconic Birdland Records in George Street, Sydney (and who has also received 2 x Aria awards for production of The Best Jazz Album).

If anyone knows how recorded music should sound it would be Kieran.

As I said this amplifier may not suit all requirements, but if you primary need is a traditional two channel integrated amplifier to play vinyl, CD or a streamer/DAC through a good pair of speakers, the PrimaLuna range would be a good place to start. We have always advocated that any good system should involve you in the music, and PrimaLuna amplifiers do that better than most.

We invite you to drop into the showroom to experience the PrimaLuna range.

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