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Yamaha’s new RX-A2A AV receiver has arrived…

During the first quarter of 2020 Yamaha announced that their current premium ‘Adventage’ series of Audio Visual receivers was being discontinued and that after nine very successful generations it was to be replaced by a completely revamped range.

Then Covid 19 happened, and with the subsequent shutdowns, business failures, associated transport issues, and even a factory fire, we have been without a replacement for this very popular range for the remainder of 2020. It only seams fitting that we will receive our first shipment of one model only on the last day of the year!

The ‘Adventage’ series of A/V receivers from Yamaha is their premium offering. For over a decade subsequent models have kept a consistent look, with each new release being built on what came before. Even the model nos. followed a consistent pattern, RX-A3010, ‘3020, ‘3030 etc.

Their new series is a total break in every way. They look different, the model numbering is different (the replacement for the RX-A3080 for example is simply the RX-A8), and Yamaha has thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of the industry by taking what was already a very special product to another level.

There will eventually be four (4) models in this range (down from 5 in the old series) and the RX-A2, which we have just received, is lowest priced unit in this series at $1,599.

This is a 7-channel receiver rated at 100 watts. It features everything you would expect in a receiver of this quality, including a phono input, voice control, built in streaming (Spotify, Tidal etc.), and multi-room audio via MusicCast. They have also looked for solutions for real-life situations, such as the ability to fit multiple speakers into a domestic living space. For example, if you cannot incorporate overhead Atmos speakers into your rooms ceiling they have a technology called ‘Dolby Atmos with Height Virtualiser’ which will simulate Dolby Atmos with traditional forward firing speakers. Also, if it is impossible to run cabling for rear speakers you can utilise wireless rears via their MusicCast technology.

There is a reason why Yamaha is the dominate player in the domestic AV market. It is the same reason why their receivers have totally dominated the local awards – they work well, they sound good (particularly the Adventage range), they are reliable, and they are well priced.

We are confident that this new range will continue in the same vein.

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  1. well I have as2100 amp & cd-s2100 in silver, love the A6A’getting it don’t know exactly when, just a shame they never done it in silver, thinking of denon x6700h & Marantz rs8015 because of color

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