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Some years ago we had automatic doors installed at the front of the store. In keeping with good practice principles we sourced three quotes. Two were roughly the same, and one was almost ½ the price, which is the one we went with. Both of the unsuccessful companies commented that they did not understand how the company we used could install what we requested for the price.

A number of years and multiple service calls later we now know the answer to that question. The doors regularly fail, and I am sure that we have spent more on maintenance calls than they initially cost.

I have just read an article from a US news-feed suggesting that, and I quote:

‘You can create a basic smart-home network for less than $500.”
No you can’t – not if you want one that works!

Earlier today I received an email from a friend of mine. He had asked me to set up his network at home. No price was discussed, and when I sent the bill I commented that I hoped he was happy with the fact that we had installed a commercial grade system, and billed accordingly, without running it past him and his wife. And again I quote ‘We are extremely happy with, to use your words “the cream of the crop system”. It works absolutely brilliantly throughout the house. For instance, downloads (wifi) of updates for our iPhones and iPad now occur in a matter of seconds, instead of the glacial pace we were used to. We couldn’t be happier; it is exactly what we wanted it to be like.”

To the phrase ‘You get what you pay for’ applies to the industry just as much as any other, and your home network is not a great place to start skimping. The demands on you home network are growing exponentially, and a system that coped just a few years ago will be struggling today.

Why is this important to us? If the video you are watching starts to buffer, or if your wireless speakers drop off the system, or the image on your security cameras freezes the chances are it is not the network that attracts the blame. It is natural to assume that the video, audio or security system is at fault.

Buffering Begone!

When we install your system, irrespective of how basic or complex it may be, we hope that you will get maximum enjoyment from your investment. And we stand by these systems. Therefore it is important to us that the system is given every opportunity to perform as it should, and not be hamstrung by a poor network – which will undoubtedly be part of the mix.

We design and install networks – it is the fastest growing segment of our business.

Admittedly they cost more than US$500 – but they work.

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