SonosSUB wireless active sub-woofer.


SonosSUB wireless active sub-woofer.


Wireless Sub
Soul-shaking sound. Heart-pounding design. One-button setup.

 The SUB adds amazing depth to any of the Sonos speakers. Its revolutionary design enables a number of  in-room placement options. It can be used with either of the powered speaker models, PLAY:5 or PLAY:3. Add it to any system where you are using the CONNECT:AMP and a pair of speakers which could do with some more bass. The CONNECT:AMP is often used with in-ceiling speakers or bookshelf speakers, many of which sound fine but will benefit from the extra bass.

The subwoofer will create a more life-sized sound wherever you use it.
Add one to any single (or pair) of the powered speakers PLAY:5 and PLAY:3 for the same quantum leap in capability.

Once connected to power, the Sonos SUB can be added to your Sonos group  – setup is quick and painless,  as usual with their products. Ease of use and regular modifications/additions whenever you want them are made simple by Sonos’s attention to detail. Self-install is helped by setup prompts appearing on your hand-held controller, so the SUB will be up and running in minutes. It cannot be used with the CONNECT (ZP90).

Here’s Sonos’s Summary
“Whether you’re listening to Beethoven’s thunderous 5th or the pounding bassline of the latest four-on-the-floor obsession, the new SUB will fill any room with thick layers of bottomless sound that let you hear and feel the weight of every chord, kick, splash and roll.
Place it anywhere in a room, plug it into a power source, press a button and follow some simple prompts on your controller. The SUB wirelessly connects with your other Sonos components for a flawlessly optimized, whole-room listening experience. Within minutes of taking it out of the box, you won’t just hear the difference our new SUB makes—you’ll feel it with every bone in your body.

Whether standing up or lying down, the SUB’s unique design and wireless signal allows you to place it anywhere you want in the room—even lying flat under a couch—without any loss in sound or performance.

The SUB works with all Sonos amplified components: CONNECT:AMP; PLAY:5; PLAY:3. It does not work with the non-amplified Sonos CONNECT. It can be used wirelessly or connected via ethernet cable.”





Frequency response






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