DuntechSenator Floorstanding Loudspeaker


DuntechSenator Floorstanding Loudspeaker


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The Senator is part of series of new speaker designs from Duntech Audio following some very specific “Duntech design directives”.

Firstly the of these directives states that the cabinet has to be a sealed box. The musical transient is faster in a sealed box otherwise know as “attack and decay”. The attack has to be instant and decay should not linger on too long. If it does it will add to the distortion and will come through as a smear mainly in the lower frequencies, such as a muddy bass.

The speaker has to be “Pulse Coherent”.

All drive units have to act and react in the same direction instantly. Only a sealed box design can do that. A pulse coherent speaker is extremely important for an accurate sound reproduction. If the sound signals are coherent, then it leaves the speaker and arrives to the listener at the same time. Besides “Coherency” the speaker also has to be “Time Aligned”. In other words, the acoustic centres of all drive units have to be on aligned on one plane. The issues caused by mechanical time alignment are addressed by the usage of felt, a patent owned by Duntech for many years.

All these attributes put together, provides for a design that is extremely neutral, pure in sound and emotional in content.

To minimize microphonics and achieve the maximum sound performance Duntech locate the crossover unit outside the loudspeaker cabinet.

All loudspeakers undergo an extensive testing procedure to ensure a precisely matched stereo pair. Each speaker is then re-measured to give it the 100% approval for packing and delivery.

With such demanding commitment to quality control it is not surprising that every Duntech product is treated like a member of their family by many Duntech owners.

With a Duntech speaker the company is confident that the Senator will serve you faithfully for many years and hopefully your only reason for change would be to welcome another member of the Duntech family.

About Duntech

Duntech loudspeakers are designed by perfectionist for the discerning audiophile. Our mission is to meet both the technical and musical needs of music lovers of all tastes, through the pursuit of excellence in the design and manufacture of our latest design offerings. We have not included any features in our new designs for the sake of marketing.

We believe the ability to accurately reproduce live voices and musical instruments are the key to recreating the live performance. Our designs embody a balance between theory and practice, objective measurement and subjective listening.

The design criteria for the new team at Duntech is to maintain the “Duntech Design Prime Directives” laid down by our founder the late Mr. John Dunlavy.

For those that are not familiar with the Duntech’s “Prime Directives”, a brief introduction would be appropriate here. All classic Duntech’s design must possess all of these attributes.

  • Sealed Box design to maintain the very best musical transient possible.
  • Accurate Time and symmetrical alignment for all driver units. This means equal path lengths for all drivers from the listening distance of 3.3 meters.
  • Very flat amplitude response and phase response within the audible frequency range from listening distance of 3.3 meters.
  • Wide horizontal dispersion with a smooth off axis response is a feature of all Duntech’s designs.

Duntech loudspeakers have been acclaimed by many highly respected and widely read international audiophile magazines, naming Duntech as the “most accurate loudspeaker in the world”.

Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 470 × 360 × 1345 mm
Frequency range


90dB SPL @ 1 watt (2.83V at 1 meter)


Pommele Bubinga.

Nominal Impedence

Peak Power

500 watts




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