From today until the close of the business on Saturday the 8th of April, 2023, we have 20% to 50% off the marked price on all Secondhand Audio Visual equipment at Len Wallis Audio. We have an extensive range of well over 100 items from some of the best-known brands in the industry to choose from.

Availability of items for sale.
These items are always provided on a first-come, first-serve basis, so check the listings  below, then give us a call or drop into the store as some items will sell very quickly! In addition there maybe some delay in updating the list as items as the sale progresses, so please contact us directly further information on specific items.

Why is purchasing online is unavailable during the sale? 
Due to the significant variations in freight cost based on item size, weight and customer location, you will need to contact us directly via phone or email with the product(s) you are interested in and your delivery location so we can determine the cost of delivery.

BrandDescription Price Sales Price
Opera Consonance 1.3 Pre-Amp / Cyber 845 mono-block Power-Amps$5,000$3,000
Audio Control1250 12-channel 50watt/channel distribution Power Amplifier$790$500
Perreaux 6160P 6 x 160w multi-channel Power amplifier$2,500$1,750
Burson AudioHA-160D DAC/HP amp with JLTi upgrade$1,000$750
FatmaniTube Valve Dock$350$200
Focal Arche DAC & Headphone amplifier$1,500$1,200
Sonic Frontiers Line 2 Pre-Amp$4,000$3,200
NaimNAP 250.2 Pwr amp$3,000$2,000
YamahaRXV530 5.1 ch 75w AVR$350$250
KrellSolo 575XD 575watt mono power amp(Pair)$19,000$12,500
KrellSolo575 Mono-Black power amps (pr)$18,000$10,000
KrellEVO 707 Home Theatre Pre-amp/processor$9,000$7,200
SONOSZP100/ZP120 AMP$150 - $200$100
MarantzZS5300 Multi-room selector/Amplifier$500$300
Sound AudioVP-3A Pre-amp and HBP-50A Power$1,000$650

BrandDescription Price Sales Price
YYW2.5mtr speaker cable $125 $50
AudioquestGibraltar 0.5m spkr cable $400 $300
Sim2C3X Grand Cinema projector w/box $950 $750
AcesonicKOD-2800 Karaoke system with touchscreen and microphone system $1,850 $750
MeridianMSR Remote $250 $150
Perpetual TechnologyP-1A DSP correction engine $750 $250
NaimSNAXO crossover and boards for Ovator 600 $2,000 $750
Stax SRS 005 Kit InEar headphones with driver $500 $350
BoseUB-2 speaker wall mount (White) $35
StillpointsAperture acoustic panels (set of 6) $4,500 $3,600
StillpointsUltra 5 Isolation feet. $750 EACH $600 EACH
SoundstyleST105 Hifi Rack x 2 available $275 $200
MeridianF-80 Benchtop Ferrari Radio/CD - with original packaging $1,500 $1,000

BrandDescription Price Sales Price
Bel Canto 3.5VB DAC w/ separate Reference USB Link & LNS1 Power supply unit$3,900$2,800
NAD4225 Tuner$125$90
Clear AudioConcept MM turntable with cover$1,500$1,200
ElectrocompaniaentECD-1A DAC$1,250$900
PioneerF-227 FM/AM Tuner$99$50
Magnum DynalabMD806 FM/Internet Media Tuner$1,500$1,200
Mitchel A CotterMoving Coil Pickup transformer$2,000$1,300
RotelRT850 AM/FM Tuner$70$50
SONOSZP80 or 90 or Connect streamer. $80-$100$50
RotelT11 FM Tuner (DAB is not working)$350$250
RegaP3 T/Table with Exact cartridge $995$800
ThorensTD321 turntable w/ AT95 cartridge$950$600
DenonTU-1500AE Tuner$190$100
Denon TU-1800DAB tuner (DAB is not working - FM only) $160$100
McIntoshMCT80 CD Transport$5,500$4,300
NAD C427 Tuner$400$320
Audio Research DAC-1 Digital to Analogue Converter$1,250$1,000
NADT531 CD/MP3 player (DVD not working)$100$90
BenchmarkDAC 1 USB$750$600

BrandDescription Price Sales Price
Audio Physic Virgo Floorstanders $4,000 $2,900
Leak3020 bookshelf $200 $100
JamoArt on-wall speakers White (dirty grill) $350 $200
JensenAVX-7 book-shelf speakers (black - no grilles) $250 $100
JM LabChorus CC700 Centre channel - wood/Black grill $300 $150
TheilCS 3.6 classic floorstanding speakers - wood/black grill $2,000 $1,500
ParadigmSignature S8 speakers $7,000$5,500
Bowers & WilkinsDM 610 bookshelf speakers $275 $200
FocalDome Sub (x2) $750 $750
MeridianDSP5000C Active centre channel speaker for Meridian system - black $1,000 $500
MeridianDSP5000C Active centre channel speaker for Meridian system - black $1,199 $500
JM Labs (Focal)Electra CC900 Centre channel speaker - Grey $690 $400
JM Labs (Focal)Electra SW-900 subwoofer- Grey $2,000 $1,200
VelodyneEQ MAX 15 Subwoofer $950 $600
FocalGrande Utopia EM EVO speakers - Black $150,000 $125,000
FocalGrande Utopia EM speakers - Black $135,000 $100,000
Focal Scala Utopia speakers$25,000$20,000
Heos Heos 1 with stand (2 available - price for each) $250 $150
FocalIC108 ONE ONLY in-ceiling speaker $100 $30
Bose Lifestyle V30 5.1 system $600 $400
YamahaNSX-CI centre speaker - Black $500 $250
ERAPL28.5 slim-line speakers (floor or wall mounted) $999 $300
SonosPlay 5 Gen 1 powered streaming speaker - White $300 $150
RichterDragon 3.5 floor-standing speakers$600$400
RichterPM301 Preceious Metal Centre Channel - Silver/Black grill $200 $100
RichterPM501 Precious Metal Centre Channel (loan) - Silver/Black grill $300 $200
BluesoundPulse (Gen 1) streaming speaker White x 2 $450 $300
JM LabSib (3 x pairs of compact speakers) - Wood feature with grey$200 $100
FocalSib XL-T (2 available) complete with wallmount - white $150 $100
ArtisonSketch LCR TV speakers w/mounting unit $550 $100
SpeakercraftSLS One Black on-wall speakers (pair) $250 $100
SpeakerCraftStarlet 9 in-wall speakers $3,500 $900
SpeakercraftTantra compact speakers with base - black $150 $100
TriangleThetis 380 Sub White subwoofer $1,250 $750
XMSXMS100 subwoofer $260 $150
RuarkEpilogue B/S bookshelf speakers with Dialogue centre $500 $250
RichterPalladin speakers $275 $150
PeachtreeMB3 compact desktop speakers $150 $100
AADC401 Centre speaker $250 $150
ArtisonStudio 46 Passive Soundbar $500 $200
DaliConcept 6 f/s $350 $200
FocalProfile 66 B/S B/S – floor-standing speakers $250 $150
FocalVision 10 centre $100 $50
Focal JM LabChorus 714 $550 $350
FocalEasya active wireless speakers $2,000 $1,000
JamoE470 floor-standing speakers - Oak $450 $300
JM LabSib (2 x pairs) - Wood feature with grey ON MATCHING STANDS $ 250 pr $150
JM LabChorus 710 floor-standing speakers - wood/Black grill $550 $350
MeridianDSP5000C Active centre channel speaker for Meridian system - black $1,000 $750
Monitor AudioRadius 90/180 5.1 surround system - white $750 $450
SamsungHW5450 Soundbar w/sub $200 $100
SonySS-F100 speakers $90 $50
WharfdaleJade C-1 Centre with box $450 $200


Shop for great value pre-owned HiFi & AV equipment and make sure to visit us in-store to see the full range.

PLUS, we are always receiving quality pre-owned products as trade-ins on new products purchased from us! If you see something you like, give a call, send an email or visit us in-store.

It is also important to remember, due to the high turn-over of pre-owned goods, not all stock we hold is on our site, so if you are looking for something in particular, please give us a call.

There is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of pre-owned HiFi & AV equipment at Len Wallis Audio. It really is the section of our business that often offers the greatest diversity of product and the greatest interest for many customers. There is always an opportunity to pick up some quality ‘pre-loved Hi-Fi and AV gear at seriously discounted prices.

Consumer Guarantees and Warranty for pre-owned HiFi & AV Equipment.

Pre-owned goods purchased from Len Wallis Audio carry a standard three (3) month standard warranty.

All of our pre-owned goods are tested to ensure, as far as is practically possible, that they are:

  • Safe and free from defects
  • Acceptable in appearance and finish
  • Adequately perform the job that the user would expect from the product

If any pre-owned item does prove to be faulty, it is at the discretion of LWA whether we repair or issue a refund.

Trade-in your pre-owned HiFi & AV equipment to trade-up

Technology changes. Your needs change. So if you’re considering changing your existing system – or at least part of it – trade it against your new purchase.

It’s both a great way to divest yourself of components that would otherwise be stored away in a cupboard or end up in the council pick-up – plus; it reduces the financial outlay required to make the change.

There are somethings we don’t trade-in & please note that we do not purchase pre-owned  goods outright. 

  • TV’s
  • VCR’s
  • PVR’s
  • Midi-Systems
  • Pre-HDMI era A/V receivers
  • In-ceiling and In-wall speakers
  • Other non audio visual items such as (but not limited to) vehicles, boats, aircraft, sporting equipment, hand or power tools, white goods, pets & livestock, clothing items, jewellery, gardening items, household furniture and so on…

Notice to prospective pre-owned buyers.

Please be aware that pre-owned products are often high turnover items, so product items listed may not reflect transactions that have recently occurred in real-time. Therefore, we recommend that you use the pre-owned section as a guide, and if you find something of interest, contact us to get the most updated status on that product (s) you are interested in.