Outdoor Speakers

Elevate your outdoor entertainment with our premium outdoor speaker systems at Len Wallis Audio. We offer a selection of high-quality outdoor speakers from renowned brands like Bahama Sounds, Sonance, Triangle, and Bowers & Wilkins. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply relaxing in your backyard, our speakers provide the perfect audio backdrop.

The Sonance Garden Series SGS 8.1 System and the Patio Series 4.1 System are designed to blend seamlessly with your outdoor environment while delivering rich, powerful sound. These systems are ideal for anyone looking to create an immersive audio experience in their garden or patio area.

For more compact spaces, the Sonance Mariner series, including models 54, 56, 66, and 86, offers versatile and weather-resistant outdoor speaker options. Similarly, the Triangle EXT7 Weatherproof Outdoor Speaker and the Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 Weatherproof Outdoor Speakers provide exceptional durability and sound quality, suitable for various outdoor settings.

Our outdoor speaker systems are more than just a way to play music; they are an investment in enhancing the ambiance of your outdoor spaces. The Bahama Sounds PT100 Rock Outdoor Speakers, for example, offer both aesthetic appeal and excellent sound performance.

Discover the ideal outdoor speaker system for your space at Len Wallis Audio and take your outdoor listening experience to the next level​​.

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