Latest News Yamaha’s new R-N series of stereo receivers now at Len Wallis Audio

This week, we received Yamaha’s R-N600 stereo receiver. This now completes Yamaha’s new range of the R-N series of two-channel receivers, something that has been missing from their line-up for some time.

Of all the companies we deal with, Yamaha was the hardest hit by the post-covid parts shortage. Rather than use off-the-shelf chipsets, Yamaha has opted to have bespoke chipsets explicitly designed for their requirements. While this sets them apart from much of the opposition, when chipset producers returned to production, they concentrated on the high-demand mass-market sets with special orders going to the bottom of the production list. As a result, Yamaha was forced to cease the manufacture of many of their products, and in some cases, as was the case for stereo receivers, complete categories.

Now they are back and with a very impressive line-up. The new range consists of four models. The most expensive, the R-N2000A, has been with us for some months and immediately gained the respect of all who encountered it, including picking up the prestigious EISA award for the Streaming Receiver of the Year – 2023-24.

The R-N2000A laid the groundwork for the rest of the series. All four receivers share some standard features:

  • FM and DAB+ terrestrial radio (all models).
  • High-performance DAC on-board (all models)
  • Streaming via MusicCast (all models).
  • HDMI ARC input connects your TV (Models R-N2000 & ‘1000 only).
  • YPAO room correction (R-N2000/1000/800).
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay (all models).
  • Phono input (all models).
  • Subwoofer output (all models).

The differences in the four models come down to some minor facilities, power, price, and, to be honest, performance. What they all do offer, though, is value, quality, and a modern take on the way we access our entertainment. Despite the resurgence of vinyl and the recent uptick in CD sales, streaming is still the go-to method for accessing music for most people. This has been a journey for a couple of decades now. We have worked our way up from MP3 played through cheap earbuds to Bluetooth and streaming speakers, and now we are seeing the emergence of high-resolution streaming services which are accessed through something much more akin to Hi-Fi systems of old, along the lines of one of the Yamaha receivers mentioned here connected to a fine pair of speakers.

The other advantage is that, with the exception of the R-N600, all these receivers offer an HDMI ARC input, allowing you to connect your TV. In most cases, this solution will outperform a soundbar and once again combines your audio and visual services into one system (let’s be honest, a soundbar is adequate for watching TV – but leaves much to be desired when listening to music).

This new range of receivers consists of:

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