Latest News Sonus Faber Trade-Up offer

Considering a major speaker upgrade – here is an offer you should find attractive.

The Sonus Faber Homage and Reference Series of loudspeakers are widely revered, and rightly so. They are among the most ‘listenable’ speakers we have ever heard. While they are not considered to be ‘inexpensive’, they are still recognised as offering excellent value. The baby of the Homage Series – the bookshelf Guarneri Tradition – sells for $24,000 the pair, and the most expensive of the Reference Series, the Aida, sells for $160,000 the pair.

Sonus Faber has just announced a promotion that will make owing a pair of any of these speakers much more affordable. Provided the speakers you are considering sell for 2.5 times your existing speakers we will offer you the full purchase price on your existing speakers as a trade-in.

For example, if you paid $12,000 for your existing speakers you could upgrade to the $32,000 Serafino’s, and only pay the balance of $20,000, irrespective of the age or brand of your current speakers.

This offer goes through until the 15th of March.

Plus: don’t forget the ongoing Sonus Faber Sonetto promotion. Purchase any of the speakers in this new, and well-priced, range and receive a pair of their Pryma headphones, valued at $799. The Sonetto range of speakers start at $2,995 for the basic bookshelf model and goes through to $11,995 for the very impressive 3-way floor-standing Sonetto VIII.

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