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Music with room to breathe

Every Roon Nucleus and Nucleus Plus now comes with even more storage. For a limited time only, we’re offering our powerful server systems with a pre-installed 1TB HDD hard drive – at no extra cost.

Store your entire music collection

For collectors with huge CD and audio file collections, it’s the perfect chance to collate your full catalogue. Store up to 30,000 bit-perfect songs per terabyte to your Roon Nucleus or Nucleus Plus to create a vast, immersive digital music experience. All powered by Roon’s unparalleled library management technology.

The music you love, all in one place

Nucleus and Nucleus Plus offer an unrivalled music experience. As well as your stored albums, you can link your streaming accounts from TIDAL or Qobuz for an even more expansive audio world. Stream all this music to thousands of compatible USB, HDMI and network audio devices in every room of your home for the ultimate music system.

Designed from the ground up to provide the best Roon experience, this Nucleus bundle is the only Roon Core you’ll ever need.

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