Ruark AudioR1 Mk3 DAB+/FM/Bluetooth radio


Ruark AudioR1 Mk3 DAB+/FM/Bluetooth radio


Deluxe tabletop radio
The Aston Martin of table top radios is an elegant and beautifully simple device.

Elegant and beautifully simple, the new R1 is the third generation of table radio’s which started the Ruark Audio story and marked a significant transition for the company from manufacturing Hi-Fidelity loudspeakers, to quality compact audio systems.

At first glance, the new R1 appears remarkably similar to its predecessors, but look closely and you will see that everything about it has been refined. Notice the updated ‘RotoDial’ control system looks slick, and combined with the latest OLED display, provides a control interface which is clear and intuitive to use. The enclosure retains the same attractive dimensions, but with new lacquer finishes and a crisper design for the front and rear panels, the craftsmanship and desirability of the new R1 has been raised to an even greater level.

With its refreshed look, honed performance and addition of Bluetooth audio streaming, the new R1 has been painstakingly evolved, making it one of best and most complete tabletop radios available on the market today. 

Features at a glance
> DAB+ & FM Tuner with RDS
> Built in A2DP Bluetooth audio receiver
> High contrast OLED display
> USB charge port
> Class leading sound quality
> Switchable line input
> Easy to use dual alarm system
> Adjustable alarm volume
> Three attractive finishes
> Optional carry-case & battery-pack

Radio Performance
Radio performance via DAB and FM is exceptional and with DAB+ also built in, the new R1 can be used in countries such as Australia and Germany.

Customisable twin alarms
The new R1 will make any bedroom look and sound better and with customisable twin alarms you’ll be woken from your slumbers with quality sound exactly how and when you want. Also included is an adjustable snooze and sleep timer so you can doze in a similar fashion.

Crystal clear clarity OLED display 
Programme and set-up information are displayed with crystal clear clarity on the latest technology OLED (organic light emitting diode) display. The really good thing about this new display, is that it retains its vivid clarity at any viewing angle and the display brightness can be adjusted to suit your requirements, both in active and standby modes.

RotoDial control system
Radios covered in buttons look ugly, so one of Rurak Audio’s first tasks when developing the original R1 was to design a control system which looked good and was easy to use. The result was our unique RotoDial control system. For the new R1 they’ve evolved their RotoDial further so it looks even better and with fewer buttons is even more instinctive to use.

Most radios are made from plastic, but the R1 enclosure is tuned and handcrafted from wood materials which we know from our years designing loudspeakers, gives the best sound quality. Clad in a choice of luxurious walnut veneer or our new soft white and soft black lacquers, this material has the added benefit that it looks wonderful and feels warm and natural to touch.

Feature packed

On the rear panel you’ll find a headphone output and a switchable auxiliary input which allows other audio devices to be connected and enjoyed with R1’s sonorous sound. Also the new R1 features a USB charge port so you can conveniently charge your Smartphone whenever needed.

Future proofed 
The new R1 now has a high quality Bluetooth receiver built in, so if required you can wirelessly stream your music, internet radio and other services such as Spotify. Most modern MP3 players, Smartphone’s and computers now have Bluetooth transmitters built in, but moreover sound quality over Bluetooth with the new R1 is highly impressive.

Full Specifications 
>Class leading sound quality
>DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS
>10 station presets for both DAB & FM
>USB charge port for charging smartphones etc
>Switchable auxiliary input to connect other audio devices
>9 watts nominal power output
>3.5″ custom high-fidelity drive unit
>New intuitive ‘click to select’ RotoDial control system
>High contrast OLED display with large format clock
>Adjustable treble and bass settings
>Loudness function for enhanced sound at low levels
>Stereo headphone output
>Easy-to-use clock and dual alarm functions with once, weekly, weekday and weekend settings
>Adjustable alarm volume
>Standard finishes: Rich Walnut veneer, Soft White and Soft Black lacquers
>Available CarryPack finishes: Black and Tan grained leather
>Dimensions H170 × W130 × D135mm
>Weight: 1.8 Kg



Inputs / Outputs

Standard finishes




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