Ruark AudioR4 Mk3 CD Player/Radio & Bluetooth based system


Ruark AudioR4 Mk3 CD Player/Radio & Bluetooth based system


Intregrated music system
This might well be the perfect ‘all in one’ music solution for 21st century living.


With stunning sound and design the new R4 IMS is the perfect ‘all in one’ music solution for 21st century living. Ideal for modern day technophobes, simply plug in and within minutes R4 IMS will provide room filling sound that will satisfy even the most discerning listener.

Comprising an enhanced multi format CD player, aptX Bluetooth receiver, USB playback port, DAB+/FM tuners and auxiliary inputs united with a powerful 2.1 audio grade amplifier/speaker system, our third generation R4 carries forward the ideology of our original model as a traditional music centre, though one designed and engineered for 21st century living.

The R4 offers a small footprint, low profile and selection of beautiful finishes that exudes style and with the latest version of Ruark Audio’s RotoDial controller and new technology OLED display, R4 is ease of use personified. 

Slot loading CD player
R4 MK3’s slot loading CD player is swift to operate and alongside standard music CDs will also play CD-Rs encoded with WAV, MP3, AAC or WMA music files. R4 Mk3 also displays track and artist information when this information is available on the disc.

RotoDial controller
Ruark Audio’s trademark RotoDial controller has been updated and is now integrated so users can manage functions either directly from R4 or use its new dedicated infrared remote. With its ergonomic design the new remote control feels comfortable to hold and alongside the RotoDial control makes operation of R4 IMS simple and intuitive.

USB playback port for MP3, AAC and WMA files
On the rear of R4 is a USB playback port for MP3, AAC and WMA files along with a digital optical input and analogue inputs and output. The USB port also doubles as a convenient charge port for most mobile devices. Specifically the new R4 makes a superb TV sound system with the optical input providing a handy connection point.

R4 IMS features aptX® audio technology which partners with Bluetooth® so you can stream music from compatible devices to R4 with CD quality sound. Bluetooth’s flexibility and simplicity has made it the leading method for wireless streaming and it works with most Smartphone/Tablet audio applications and music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.
customisable twin alarms and sleep and snooze timer. 

Feature packed
R4 is possibly too big for most bedside tables, but on a chest or suchlike the new R4 will make any bedroom sound better and with its remote control and customisable twin alarms with sleep and snooze timer you can control R4 and wake or doze exactly how and when you want.

OLED display
Programme and set-up information are displayed with precision on R4s new OLED (organic light emitting diode) display. Whether you are viewing straight on or from an angle, set-up and programme information is displayed with absolute clarity. The display brightness can also be adjusted to suit your requirements, both in active and standby modes.

Hand-crafted enclosure

Ruark have years spent designing high-end loudspeakers and understand the importance of cabinet and drive unit design to create natural sound, free from colouration and distortion. The enclosure of R4 IMS is hand-crafted from materials chosen for their exceptional acoustic properties and likewise drive units are carefully designed and constructed to allow optimum dynamics with a smooth extended frequency response.

Class A-B amplifier system

Ruark’s design philosophy is far removed from the majority of compact systems available today. As an example most other products use amplifier chipsets for cost and simplicity, but for R4 IMS we use our own Class A-B amplifier system using discrete component technology. This practice is usually only found in prestige, high value audio separates.

Slot loading CD player plays CD-Audio, MP3, AAC and WMA music disks
DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS
Bluetooth with aptX for CD quality streaming
High contrast OLED display
USB playback and charge port
Text support on CD and USB playback
Digital optical input
Fixed level audio output
Class leading sound quality
3D enhanced stereo sound
80 Watts nominal power output
Integrated active subwoofer
New intuitive ‘click to select’ RotoDial control system
Compact custom remote control
Two switchable line inputs
Stereo headphone output
Easy-to-use comprehensive dual alarms
Adjustable treble and bass settings
Easy to use comprehensive dual alarms
Available finishes: Rich Walnut veneer, Soft White and Soft Black lacquers
Dimensions H140 × W440 × D250mm



Music Power





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