Cambridge AudioAZUR 650BD


Cambridge AudioAZUR 650BD


The Cambridge Audio 650BD is a Blu-ray player capable of playing virtually any type of disc…

The Azur 650BD can handle CD, SACD and  DVD-A, as well as HDCD encoded CDs, DVDs and the video format of the moment Blu-ray (BD). Naturally it will also decode all surround formats (including the lossless ones) that are of most interest to us; Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master.

There is an Ethernet socket to connect to a router – and BD+.

Analogue outputs extend to 7.1 channels, but there isn’t a dedicated stereo output, while digital output can be found on optical, electrical and HDMI connectors. You can select the sampling rate of the former two right up to 192k, which is useful if you have a DAC that can take advantage.

The player has onboard 24-bit/192kHz converters and a Pure Audio mode that switches off all displays, but the player turns them back on if you change discs.


Cambridge Audio

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