$199 Was $1,695



$199 Was $1,695

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Two zones and two sources made easy


It’s fair to say that not everyone needs a lot of zones, or a lot of sources. QED’s MusiQ is a two-zone, two-source system which consists of the two-zone amplifier, controlled by a wired keypad in each zone. With this system you can have different sources playing at differing volumes in the two separate rooms. One might be CD, while the other one might be Radio. Each listener can choose the source and the volume.

While this system could be used on its own, the designers of MusiQ envisaged a situation where two of the sources you have connected to your main stereo system are firstly connected directly to the MusiQ, then a loop-back cable (supplied) takes those signals back to the main stereo amplifier, so the two sources are shared by both systems.

 An alternative approach, if used in concert with an existing amplifier, Source 1 or 2 on the MultiQ might be connected to a “Record Out” from that amplifier, making all the sources connected to the amplifier switchable to the MultiQ, thereby increasing the range of sources available. Under this or the first scheme above, you end up with a total of three zones, or even four if the existing amplifier has its own Speakers A+B or Zone1/Zone2 capability.
To take things a step further, if you are in need of extra zones, additional MultiQ units can be daisy-chained from the first one to provide more. For example, you can have a Master unit plus Slave 1, or even Slave 2, for a total of four or six MusiQ zones.
What can you listen to on this system? There’s no practical limit. Anything that can be connected to an amplifier can be connected to the MusiQ. Of course, if you have a turntable, you’ll need a phono step up device, as the inputs to MusiQ are line level. If you’re going via an amplifier, that should be taken care of by the amplifier’s phono input. But most things these days can be connected to line level inputs. So you can connect various playback devices, even those which have streaming and things like internet radio capabilities, or connect your computer directly in order to tap into all that it can do.
These packs (MusiQ IS 2-zone amplifier plus two control keypads) were $1695, but are now available – while stocks last – for just $199. This represents amazing value for this capability. Just add speakers of your choice, and source components to complete the picture.


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